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This is a tale of friendship, betrayal and lots of bloodshed, a tale of a young mercenary named Guts...
From the moment he was brought into this world from his dead mother's womb, he has constantly been forced to fight, never owning a single friend in his life.
That's until the day we see him fighting a huge armored clad warrior, barely surviving the battle himself.
After recieving his reward he leaves and finds himself ambushed by a bunch of mercenaries belonging
to the "Band of the Hawks", little did he know that after battling it out with their skillful leader, Griffith, that
he would serve under the very man that would one day become his most trusted friend.
The tale of Guts has just begun...

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Jasaiyajin's Berserk Tv Review

Rated: 8

The manga presents itself in a future time first, then slowly works it's way back to the originating scheme of things. It's an original story with slight humor, but lacks a happy atmosphere. Berserk is certainly for those that enjoy a dark manga, a change from a happy ending esque pace most stories tell. As for originality, the protagonist is a sword wielding, straight forward human, along with fairies, witches, and demons mixed in a bag of nuts, called people that have more baggage than they can carry. Life, in all walks, is portrayed in the darkest of ages when people succumb to immoral and infernal deed amongst others.

I couldn’t stop reading the manga once picked up and I usually don’t read like a maniac all that much anyway.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

This was a pretty amazing series, but I think having the first episode of the TV anime would've been better placed as the last. The animation was really amazing at the time and has aged well in my opinion, much better than the animation of the movies. It's disappointing the new TV series is still cast the seiyuu who did the movies, I wished they recast those roles to better VA's by casting seiyuu who would come close to the performances done by the seiyuu of the 1997 anime. I believe Yuuichi Nakamura would've been awesome as Guts, Daisuke Ono or Daisuke Namikawa for Griffith, and Ayako Kawasumi for Casca. Anime production for a reboot should've gone to Madhouse or MAPPA and directed by someone who can do the series justice.

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

Berserk. Berserk. Berserk. If you ever wondered what would a manga would be like if it made by god this is that manga. Berserk is no manga for the faint of heart. It's dark, mature, makes you question whether you are just as crazy reading this as the mangaka making this. This manga will be and always be the best MANGA period. Nothing can stand to this awesomeness. Guts is the badass protagonist that not even gods can take down. And he is trying to get revenge on his ex-best friend. It's the manga you deserve to read at least 6 times in your life. You should stop reading this comment about it and go read it now. GO! NOW! The greatness awaits you.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Really nice character design and art style overall. Guts is a complete badass, but his backstory/entire life is tragedy one after another. Even though I feel bad for the stuff that Casca's been through (cuz it got really bad after Griffith became a God Hand), I can't find myself able to like her character; especially while she was a part of the Band of Hawks. I sympathize with her but don't like her. Griffith is an asshole but at the very least he was upfront about what his goals were, that he would do ANYTHING to see them accomplished & stuck to that throughout the series so far.

Drakill Drakill

This anime is definitely worth a watch. I enjoyed it. The story line is good. It doesn't drag on like some anime where it seems like they don't know what to do so they just put in filler episodes or crappy relaxing day out type of episodes. I'd recommend watching this anime to anyone that enjoys action anime.

t1myah t1myah

Another classic IMO. It's a damn shame they have abandoned any further development beyond the 1st season of the Anime as it ends in quite a clifhanger. (luckily the manga continues so all is not left to wonder)

10fingersmikey 10fingersmikey

BERSERK RULES! BEST MANGA SERIES EVER CREATED! The anime did a damn great job, for the most part, at keeping to the manga and keeping all the intensity of the manga, though it ended WAY too abruptly. Good thing the manga went on for many, many more chapters! :D No other manga can compare to this, without a doubt.

Onikami Onikami

It was one of the first "mature" Anime's I've ever seen, and it's a classic hands down. The animation was good for it's time, the characters were detailed with in-depth histories, and the story was Amazing. If you ask me it was ahead of it's time. If you haven't watched this one then you need to. Yeah, it's that good. :D

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