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HatedAngel HatedAngel

It was an alright anime, at least for an anime that has a highly unlikeable heroine. However that is a point they make a few times, the thing that kept me with this anime was the comedy of it and Momiji, the perverted antics of Momo'o and Bobby get old really quick unless you are into that sort of thing.
Don't get me wrong Ichiko gets a bit more likeable as the anime goes but she doens't lose that mary sue flare that she has due to her huge dose of good luck that Momoji spends the whole anime trying to remove from her for the good of all humanity.

But regardless the humor made it worth it for me.

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

I like comedy animes who doesn't? this anime is one of the most comedy animes I ever watched
the art is very good and there are crossover episodes so I like it, the characters are very well done and the voice actors made it even better
there is no bad points about this anime except that it is a short one and they don't focus much on the plot, the rest is fine
I enjoyed watching this anime, I highly recommend it

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