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This is a story about Bincho-tan, a little girl who lives by herself on the mountain. Each episode shows Bincho-tan's unique but peaceful daily life. Cooking rice, gathering grass and seeds on the mountain, riding a duck, going to town by bus bird, and looking for work. As the story goes on, more characters with different backgrounds and personalities will meet Bincho-tan and make friends with her.

Synopsis by sweet-kungfuman.

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Member Opinions

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

Slice-of-life anime, definitely Kawaii... though the plot is so boring unless you like watching the whole overly cute thing. This is a story about a little girl who lives in an old house in the mountains, each episode is about a day in the life of Bincho-tan as she prepares her breakfast in the morning, goes to the forest to gather food (vegetables), does her household chores and rests at night. The artwork throughout the series is actually very good, the backgrounds and settings are also extremely well done, they are all displayed in beautiful detail.

singlemoon singlemoon

Very cute, almost to the point of it can be categorized as moe, or maybe it is moe itself, but what really catches my attention is not the moeness, but the beautiful and graceful story-line. It's a story about Bincho-Tan, how she live her daily life after her grandma's death. The story had a bit of sadness in it, and also some funny moments. Overall, it's beautiful and entertaining.

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