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The shy Hinako doesn't like to draw too much attention to herself, but she seems to be particularly scared of coming into contact with boys. One of her classmates, Daisuke, teases her about it for a bit, only to get bored soon.

One day while out on a delivery from his family's restaurant, Daisuke runs inside the local abandoned church to get away from two of his friends. Unexpectedly, someone else comes in after him. That someone turns out to be none other than Hinako. When she hears him moving, he pretends to be a priest and is taken by surprise when Hinako asks him if she can confess. He accepts, and what he hears changes his life forever...

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

It's slightly difficult to review this manga, since it touches on several difficult topics such as teen pregnancy, rape, and single motherhood. Don't be fooled by the innocent start; it will tug at your heartstrings relentlessly. Without spoiling anything, all the characters get their share of happy and tragic events; however, I can't even remember anyone having an absolutely HAPPY ending. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the story; it doesn't shy away from delivering punches to the gut, and is kept fairly realistic - this is stuff that actually happens. The art is clean and decent, reminiscent of shoujo.

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