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Ten years previous in Hong Kong, Jiro Mochizuki fought and defeated the Kowloon Children despite the loss of his lover. He became the hero known as the “Silver Blade”.
Jiro returns to Japan with his little brother, Kotaro, both of whom are “Old Bloods”—the last descendants of an elite clan of vampires. They soon discover that the Kowloon children who survived the war are trying to infiltrate the “Special Zone”, where Red Bloods (humans) and Black Bloods (vampires) live peacefully. It is also the only area in Japan they cannot enter without invitation because of a barrier.
Jiro does not want to get involved in this fight again, but once Kotaro is kidnapped by the Kowloon Children, he has no choice.

Contributed by DokiDokiChan

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I am totally into vampire stories with male protagonists. (Well, VK is nice, but I dislike Yuuki so much that I can't even read it nowadays...) This story is one of my personal favourites, I like idea and characters. Mimiko is developed really well and with all of my recent fear of female characters, she is one of the ones I like the most there. Well, the whole thing about receiving the sexual pleasure from being bitten... It is a little bit strange, but understandable actually. If this happened to Jirou, would've been more satisfying than that, but oh well. I am still watching it, so can't give it higher ranking, but I do really enjoy it very much.

DokiDokiChan DokiDokiChan

Black Blood Brothers is a lesser-known anime, but a great one. It is based on an 8 volume light novel series that are not available in English.
In terms of the vampire genre, BBB stands out as a unique take on the theme. The animation is great and so is the voice acting, so the addition of a great plot makes it a little over a 9.
Though, be warned, there are loose ends just like most anime based on something else. The ending leaves you hanging in an annoying way, but a little Wikipedia reading and you get over it. It is my grudge against these loose ends that keep this from being a 10.

Overview: A great anime but loose ends keep it from being perfect.

RaitoTheReaper RaitoTheReaper

A very nice twist on the popular vampire theme. I would consider this to be one of the best vampire series I've seen in anime, actually. I really like the pace at which this series kept up with, along with the plot twists and mysterious character pasts.

bafyte bafyte

Very good story with a bit of vampire comedy. =) Watched it like three times. I simply love vampires and this anime is one of the best when it comes to vampires. It was funny, and even sexy is some scenes ;D Simply loveee...


The sad thing is: The novel has great reviews (not that I can find any actual copies of it). The anime feels rushed and too chaotic. I love it for the characters and plot, but you have to definitely try to love it or it will just seem too rushed. Hopefully, someone down the line will make an attempt to remake this and give it the proper time and care it deserves.

riho88riho riho88riho

Has a little bit deeper plot then it first appears, but the romance was lacking (if there at all) and the main guy "lost" too often. In a way they didn't make him awesome enough for me. *shrug* Still good series to check out if ya into vampires and something short.

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