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Businessman Rokuro Okajima is kidnapped by a group of bounty hunters, and reluctantly joins their group when his boss tells him his life is meaningless. Rokuro abandons his old name and adopts the nickname "Rock." The rest of the group consists of the boss-man, Dutch, Benny the mechanic, and the trigger-happy Revy, a.k.a. Two Hands. Rock makes himself useful by serving as the group's negotiator and translator. The crew of the torpedo boat, The Black Lagoon, do various jobs for many mafias around the port of Roanapo in Thailand.

By: xdiamondxdecayx

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Z827's Black Lagoon Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon : The Second Barrage :
Hmm...This is certainly an extremely well-done Anime and well , let's just say this is a bit of pyschological twist as well.
The upside of this Anime is that the bad as* sequences depicted in the Anime wasn't over-done. The characters don't do anything melodramatic yet still retaining the bad as* flavour to them. As for the psychological twist part...well , let's just say that the backgrounds of the characters are extremely dark and all. The Anime is also depressing in it's own way with a cast of realistic characters who are emotiaonlly deranged by their past.
The downside is...

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Kick-ass action and gripping story arcs throughout the series that are engaging to watch with a variety of cool outlaw characters, especially in the badass Revy and the hardcore Roberta. My favorite episodes are those with Roberta and the Washimine arc. This series has a great blend of drama and dark comedy. Truly a memorable series one can have fun watching with an excellent cast and voice actors who portrayed the characters.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Decided to watch since I know it's very similar to Jormungand which I thought was awesome. Decided to watch this dubbed. Rokuro is hilarious and Revy is just badass with her dual pistols, plus her attitude makes her refreshing as far as female characters go in anime.

Roberta's Blood Trail is a good OVA series as well. It was seeing Roberta's darker side & seeing Rock kinda mature as a character there as well.

Tengaijin Tengaijin

Black Lagoon isn't for everyone. It's violent, occasionally gorey, and often times dark. There's a lot of things like cursing in the series. However, beneath all of it's vulgarities, it has its own themes. I think one of its major themes is what life in the gutter does to people and the kind of effect it has on their lives. I personally find it entertaining. But that's just me.

pikachu36 pikachu36

Wow talk about a great show! I can't wait to own this series! Right off this show was explosive with carnage, explicit language, and a plot that was okay at best. Got to say Revy is my fav Character/ hot!!! Honestly I would kill of a girl like that x) all I can say it is a series that fits me in all the right spots , just wish there was a bit more of a story a some parts, but the action kind of makes up for it lol.

mikeb23 mikeb23

I started this series in 2011 and finally got around to finishing it. I had stopped midway through the OVA for some unknown reason and now I’m glad I’m done because I really did enjoy the series. The first two seasons had good character development between the main members of Revy, Benny, Dutch and Rock. The badassery, psychopathic tendencies and violence was what made this show worth the watch. At the end of the seasons, I was genuinely excited for the OVA’s. Needless to say I was unimpressed at the start of them. The focus on Roberta and her “avenger” mission was what made me take a 3 year hiatus. In the end, the ending was worth it, although bitter sweet, but realistic.

darkmage530 darkmage530

Exciting and brutal. This has been a solid all around show. The first season was very solid with only one or two episodes that I thought was meh. The second season has been a little less impressive but still overall on point.


This anime is the type of anime that suits me, I watched anime series that has a Mafia and gunfights genre on them and I find this one perfect. It really entertains me. The characters are cool and awesome, all of them. The enemies are cool too. And Revy is the best I really like her!! The plot is just good, I think this series has no Primary Goal and just passed arc by arc. Anyway the Art is great and the ENG Dubbed is also great. (Rock is voiced the same as Light Yagami). I already watched this two time the subbed and the dubbed and they are both great, Worth watching, I recommend it.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

I couldn't resist trying Black Lagoon after seeing some people compare it to Jormungand (which I absolutely adore) while some regard such comparison as an insult for Black Lagoon. I just had to decide for myself. And in the end, I've reached the conclusion that the resemblance between the two anime was merely superficial (guns, badass females and shady deals) but personally I prefer Jormungand's more global and classy exposition to Black Lagoon's more centralised and 'vulgar' (albeit probably realistic) setting.
As a character-driven anime, Black Lagoon certainly has a fair share of intriguing characters. Rock is certainly interesting, and I cheered him on during some of his crowning moments of awesome, but his indecision and inability to adapt (which may appear as defiance of staying uncorrupted to some) bother me, especially during the last arc in Japan. Revy is likable, but I generally tend to hold a certain degree of contempt for extremely hot-blooded people like her. And Roberta the terminator maid is kind of ridiculous. Balalaika, the CIA nun and Mr Chang are by far my favourites.
The problem with Black Lagoon is that sometimes I feel it sacrifices too much plot development and substance for the sake of producing tense and thrilling action scenes. I would have enjoyed the show a great deal more had the subtle balance between story and action been better maintained.

lvlz26 lvlz26

This was a very interesting show. You basically follow characters which in our world are considered "bad guys". Very interesting and i really enjoyed it. If you like guns and violence you will really like this show.

hyuri hyuri

I watched all of the Black Lagoon series. I really liked this show. Everyone was more or less the "bad guy," so it didn't matter who you cheered for. My personal favorite character was Roberta, a mild-mannered maid who was really a crazy psychopathic killer!

KitanaSama KitanaSama

Uwa!! REVY!! ROBERTA!! BALALAIKA!! Quando eu crescer quero ser como vcs!!!! Ah! Eu também gosto da Eda!!
Esse anime tem o personagem masculino mais odioso de todos os tempos (isto é, na minha opinião): Rock! FALA SÉRIO!!! Que mala! Que cara forçado!! Se eu já não gostava dele nas séries, imagina então o tamanho do meu nojo, desgosto e repulsa nos 5 OVAs Roberta`s Blood Trail!!! Tava lá tentando dar uma de bom! De esperto! Bah!! Não me trova!! Tu é um mala sem alça, sem rodinha em um dia de chuva numa calçada esburacada ROCK! Vê se morre!
Agora, a ROBERTA é DIVA!!! hahahaha. Arrasou (com tudo e todos) nos OVAs!! I-ra-do!

RaitoTheReaper RaitoTheReaper

Black Lagoon is an absolute must if you ever plan on becoming a true anime fan. It's sitting at the peek of awesome action anime, thanks to it's crazy action scenes, provocative situations, and fun characters. Not to mention the soundtrack isn't half bad, either.

evelluchia evelluchia

a great anine for those who like a wild adventure as well as a good blood bath one moment its a sweet tuching moment and then there could be guns fireing and explosions the next i loved this anime mainly because it was a very exciting and wild ride along with some pirits (just dilivery boys just trying to put food on the table) though there was some characters i would have liked to se more of it overall was very cool and enjoyable to watch ^-^


Great seinen, wow here you only find bad and worst people, they are all a pile of trash and corruption and that's what makes this anime so good, I loved it, good gore and action also, good charactes and plot, love it I can't wait for the next ova to come out

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Hmm.. pretty interesting anime, if you have seen the movies TRANSPORTER, i am sure you will like this. This anime circles around a group of such members, and a city guy who was once a hostage under them. He spend his time with them so it gets more intersting events then they should be without him.
You can find a new plot every two to three episodes. but i liked it. so i am sure if a guy like me (who is so into romantic, school and life cut anime) liked it, then i am sure you will too.

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