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Living in converging worlds, both Mato Kuroi and Black Rock Shooter cope with their own situations in a deep duality: Kuroi's loss of Yomi Takanashi's friendship and Black Rock Shooter's empty battle with Dead Master.
Will Kuroi win back Yomi's friendship, and will Black Rock Shooter defeat Dead Master?

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Hachiko's Black Rock Shooter Ova Review

Rated: 8

Overall, I don't think Black Rock Shooter was fit to be an OVA. It's just too compact. It would have been more refreshing to see this drawn out as a TV series, with an emphasis on the aftermath what fans will see in this OVA, as well as the development of Mato, Yomi Takanashi, and Yuu. So much more could have been done to make this a 13 or 26 episode classic. It just wasn't meant to be.

That being said, for an OVA, this is enjoyable for the art, the sound effects, and the voice acting of Kana Hanazawa. And to think that this all started with a song by Miku Hatsune, of all Vocaloids...


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Rank 3

I love the black rock shooter. I was impressed when I first saw BRS.
in my opinion. Black Rock Shooter (BRS) is the character I like, I like blue and black colors, plus white.

and I also love. Because black rock shooter in the capture of hatsune miku song.

- Character Favorite
Black rock shooter

- Episode favorite
Episode 1 - 10

renlilica renlilica

The main protagonist makoto is cheerful whereas her other self BLACK ROCK SHOOTER is melancholy I really like the melancholy side of her.
The plot is quite interesting and the good part is that it's not a long series.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Both the OVA and anime were great, though, the story didn't leave that much of an impression. I think what makes this anime really great is just the fact that Huke's characters were animated and the battles between them were action-packed. There were a lot of characters left out so, hopefully, there will be another season or OVA.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Very good plot, the OVA does a very good job of connecting the two worlds of the school life and black rock world together in an intriguing and compelling way. My only complaint would have to be that this wasn't meant to be just an OVA, it felt very cramped and I think there is a lot of plot lines here that could of been expanded on in a anime series.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The OVA was pretty good. The fights were pretty nice. The animations and designs were pretty good too. Though I think it would've been nice if the characters spoke. I also watched the 2012 anime series. I enjoyed the series more than the single OVA, because everything was fleshed out a bit more, I wish it wasn't such a short series though. The characters designs looked pretty cool. And I think they balanced the school aspect of the characters and counterparts fighting quite well. The ending was pretty good. And for such a short show, I'm still amazed at how good it turned out to be. Amongst all the original offerings that also finished this season, I can honestly say that BRS probably had one of the more satisfying endings. In terms of the characters, this television adaptation gave the characters some much-needed backbone. Unlike the OVA, which only had time to focus on Yomi/Dead Master, I really enjoyed getting to see the other characters like Strength and Black Gold Saw get some well-deserved screen time. Overall, I think Black Rock Shooter is a show that everyone should watch at least once. With its use of symbolism and the small messages that are scattered throughout the series, there’s always something for you to keep your eye out for. Combined with a strong seiyuu cast that were able to flesh out the characters through emotion to the amazing music that only amplified the emotional in every single scene, Black Rock Shooter turned into one of the best shows of the season. So if you haven’t watched Black Rock Shooter yet, I strongly suggest you give it a shot!

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

The desingn of Black Rock Shooter and its world is awesomly done. The plot is good - Mato's school life with their relationships and its connection to the Black Rock Shooter world.I like how the show tell us about accepting the happiness along with being hurt. That balance is important. The OVA is good too.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Black Rock Shooter is much cooler than I've expected! I originally thought it would be a childish show but I couldn't be more wrong.
The art and CGI are amazing and this show is just so creative that my mind has been completely blown! I love the idea that the world of Black Rock Shooter is connected to the real world in the story and whatever happens in the real world is reflected through peculiar phenomena in the world of BRS.
So far things are still rather unclear and the suspense is heavy, but the theme of friendship has already been deeply explored. I really look forward to the next episode. :)

bafyte bafyte

Very good plot. Loved how they blended the characters together and created the emotions showed by each one. The way they have expressed it was amazing and I understood exactly what was going on. Very good plot and good story. Hope to see more of this story in the future. Worth the time.


Its perfect for you if you like ACTION! And Fantasy too :) Its really complaated but i´ll try ;)
On our normal world where Mato is a student and like anyother kid sometimes stressed. BRS lives in its own universe, they each focus around Black Rock Shooter, a mysterious black haired girl who possesses a burning blue eye and a powerful cannon that can shoot rocks really fast ! She is Mato's darken persona who fights against other inhabitants (like: Dead Master, Strength,Black Gold Saw,Chariot and her own transformation in Insane BRS (A more psychotic version of Black Rock Shooter)) , regardless of the impact on Our world :( In "BRS Innocent Soul ", she resides in the world of Hazama, a plane between Heaven and Earth, and her job is to purify stagnant souls whose regrets caused them to become trapped in this realm and become demons that attack other souls.
Its confusing but you have to see it if your in to Really COOL Fighting sceans :) The Story itself is really cool too :)


Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

a show about two a girl who see nightmares about a girl with blue beautiful eyes and this girl is always fighting in her dreams.....but after that she founds out that those are not is another world,a world about girls fights each other to kill the real girls pains
it is a short OVA...but a good one!the character is similar to Hatsune Miku
however this show has good graphics,good story line also cool action moments!

ghost945 ghost945

bit difficult to grasp its concept, really. much similar to Magical Madoka before. all those fightings are in another dimension or space. bit disappointed with hanazawa performance in this one though, just lack bit of feelings for the character.

kuchukuTulip kuchukuTulip

Super awesome action in both the anime and the ova. The Ova was just between two girls, hence a short story but more action, i did like the story better. The anime did get alil confusing but the ending clears all the confusion there is and i really loved the whole concept of it and finally i got see girls in action without boys being involved! XD

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

I thought it's a anime but it is only a ova xD
I started to watch the ova and I thought it will be boring! But no! It's was totally beautiful to watch about friendship between 2 girls in 2 dimension. In the real dimension Mato and Yomi are best friends. they do everything together. But they were separate in to difference classes and their friendship began to broke (?) because Mato got a new friend Yu and Yomi began to be jealous (?) and disappeared. but where she was disappeared? in to the fiction world? there were two girls (similar yomi and mato) fight together....Must Mato merge with black rock shooter to save her friend?....You can see It's very interesting anime about friendship! The ova has only 50 min and there aren't a lot conversation but it's really great! ;)
I heard that next mouth (February 2012) will release the anime! And what will I do? of course watch it'!!! if will be.....please!


I loved the OVA and I'm excited/ anxious of the new series to come out in February. The action scenes were amazingly made, the sound effects fit perfectly and the special effects were crazy, but not overdone. The storyline was relatable and nice.

evelluchia evelluchia

a very nice anime its starts out with just your average girl and then gets into a more interisting side of things i really dont waht to spoil it for you all i can say is its good its too bad it was really short T-T

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