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Z827's Blazblue Game Review

Rated: 9

This is a Review of BlazBlue Calamity Trigger ( PSP ) :

Well , this game certainly gave a nice kick in the face of those developers who thinks that fighting games only requires gameplay and nothing else. BlazBlue had quite perfectly balanced storyline , gameplay and music in one package which you can play on the screen :D
As I had said in the story section , the ENTIRE story is like a jigsaw puzzle , you will have to gather the pieces and put them together to get the picture of what's going on. The story may appear to be non-linear per character story but their actually indirectly connected , in contrary to typical fighter games.
Well...moving on...

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I like the OP and the battles should be good. I'm just worried about how the series will turn out overall though. Because it seems like their making the anime for fans/players of the games and not taking time to explain the characters themselves, their backgrounds (with the exception of Ragna's, which they only kinda threw a couple of hints) or what's going on and why.

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