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Yuki Akabane is the proud descendant of an old family of vampires; he may not have all their powers, but he still feels the need to drink blood. To make things easier, he gets a job as a nurse at a blood donation center, where he is renowned for taking blood painlessly. However, one of his customers seems like more trouble than he's worth! Osamu Mayuzumi frequently sneaks in to donate blood in hopes of cooling his temper, almost to the point where Yuki has to kick him out for trying to donate too often. But all changes when Yuki tastes a bit of Osamu's blood, which turns out to be a real delicacy!

The manga also includes two stories about Yuki's vampire nephew, Kiri Kurosu, and Osamu's priest friend, Tarou Yamada.

Description: pandemonium91

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