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Kiyo Katsuragi, a poor high school student, inherits an old mansion from a grandmother she had never met. The mansion is said to be haunted, but Kiyo decides to ignore the local legends and move in. However, she soon discovers that the house really is haunted, and by two vampires at that! Fortunately for her, Kiyo is not your typical scaredy cat and fights back, forcing the stubborn vampire Kuroboshi to accept her. But why are the two vampires there in the first place, and what are they going to do now that three poor and very stubborn people are living in the same house?

The manga also contains an extra story in both volumes: "Angel Koiuta" and "Kyuuketsuki no Onegai" ("Please Mr. Vampire").

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

This is pretty good for a shoujo series, though by no means groundbreaking. Its only defect is the length, I felt it could have gone on longer and explained more of the characters' pasts (especially the side characters). It felt too short and condensed, in the end. I liked Kiyo though, she's a decent female lead who stands up for herself.

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