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Blue Eyes (Series)

Blue Eyes (Series) Series

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A twist on the story of the Little Mermaid: in a world where mermaids can transform into humans at will, a merman by the name of Nize rescues Leonhart when his ship is wrecked during a storm. Nize agrees to stay with Leonhart at his castle, but one night he receives a warning from the merpeople: if he chooses to stay by Leonhart's side forever, he will lose the ability to transform into a merman.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Can't say I was very impressed by this: the story is relatively slow-paced and sometimes things got a bit confusing. What really bothered me was the lack of any "real" consequences to the merman's choice like in the original Little Mermaid story; there was no obstacle to overcome if Nize decided to stay with Leonhart, which in turn meant no tension at all. To be fair, it's mediocre; the only upside to this is the art, but even that takes getting used to.

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