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Minayuri's Blue Seed Tv Review

Rated: 10

Overall I enjoyed the series, well made into a 26-episode series that wasn't too short or too long, the characters were likeable, even the villianous Murakumo that doesn't come off as annoying, and made a very believable villain and Momiji comes off as an admirable heroine. The Omake Theatre exras were also an added bonus, with some being funny, or touching(like Kome's Omake episode about her childhood), or random and shocking like the one with Momiji and Kaede's grandmother. So, I reccommend Blue Seed to anyone.

The series is out on DVD in a box set format with the TV series as well as the follow-up OVA sequel, with the OVA dubbed in 2003 with new dub actors replacing Jason and Amanda Winn Lee as Kusanagi and Momiji, which I found disappointing.

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Ahh, the days when mere panty shots were considered risque. The series itself may be only so-so, but has excellent mythological tie-ins. And those Omakes are often just priceless. When I say complete, I do mean I have the OVA too.

minayuri minayuri

My favorite Yuzo Takada series and loved the pairing of Kusanagi and Momiji, great story and characters. Momiji is a true anime heroine; selfless, kind, strong, and has a sense of humor in her character. Although she may look like a girl who relies on others, but appearances can be decieving and she proves to be self-reliant as the series progresses and can stand on her on without always having to rely on her love interest, Kusanagi to protect her as most heroines often do. So, I truly reccommend watching this series, part the story seems like a predecessor to Inuyasha, but Blue Seed is far more entertaining and exciting with better pacing and better characters.

riho88riho riho88riho

Japanese audio only.
I love this series, and it very likeable. The bad guys aren't stupid and annoying, the heroes aren't over acting their part (if anything, they under act the hero by not overplaying their roll in saving thousands of lives). The main couple is cute but have enough complications that it isn't mushy or lovey-dovey to the point of annoyance. The only downside would be Momoji's constant changing emotions, although it can be dealt with, it can still be a tad annoying at times. (But I dun think she's as annoying in the Japanese...the English voice just grates on my nerves)

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