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Jinnai's Blue Submarine No. 6 Tv Review

Rated: 7

But get into the second and third episode, and surprises emerge. We're treated to the rare case where the grand high villain isn't at all the megalomaniac we're used to seeing (though there is one on display elsewhere in the show). We have an exciting submarine flick--which, in my opinion, is rare. Although the characters don't have a ton of time to develop, the leads do have histories that drive their inner selves. The errors in the animation of the first episode also are much less prominent as the series goes on. It appears that the animators took a long, hard look at what didn't work in the first episode and made sure those things didn't happen again. The first episode is shock and awe animation; the rest is what makes the series worthwhile.

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Member Opinions

angelxxuan angelxxuan

wasn't all that bad, a lazy summer afternoon I was able to pull this one off. one again another series I was able to encounter to television, actually it came on starz one summer afternoon and instead of visiting with the inlaws I felt it was more fun to watch this :} but it did start to make me curious for submarine movies

megrace33 megrace33

A beautiful and exciting submarine anime! Who knew there could be such a thing? It's an amazing little series made all the better my Range Murata's character designs. Mutio in particular, looks amazing!

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