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aureawolf aureawolf

Aaaaaawwww!!!! >.< <3 I first read 16 TO LIFE and I didn't like the plot at all, but I fell in love with Aikawa-sensei's art. Now I'm reading this one and I kinda dig it. Now that I'm in my "shoujo crazy phase", I'm looking for sweet stories and I think this is pretty good. I like that we can also know the guy's point of view and that he tries his best to win the girl fair and square (how often do you see that in a shoujo manga???) It has drama and sometimes it makes no sense, but it's fairly cute. I mean, consider the plot on Kanan's "Kyou koi wo hajimemasu"; I like that one too, don't get me wrong, but it has much more needless drama, the chick is unbearably insecure and their relationship is kinda feable. I don't know... I just think that this story is more like my cup o' tea :3 (Humm... if it only had a teenie-tiny drop of smut, I'd die *¬*... but it's just fine like this xD). The end is quite weak and cheesy, though...

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