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Member Opinions

erdeteha rated 7.50:

the artwork not so good, but the story-line not bad. telling us a simple life of student who needs a friend. their club (neighbor club) itself actually has become their place to get some friends. after all, they were already friend at the time they join the club.

SangoHiwatari28 rated 9.50:

Empecé a verlo en busca de una buena comedia, y definitivamente cumplió ese requisito. Una historia original con personajes únicos, al menos la mayoría. Ni que decir del final, en donde le dan un sorprendente giro de 180º a la historia y los personajes se descubren con una psicología más densa que las personalidades despreocupadas que vemos siempre en este tipo de género. Ese .5 menos es por el ecchi innecesario, nada alarmante pero no es de mi gusto.

MisaSasekage rated 8.00:

I like the character designs. I also like Kodaka. He managed to make the worst impression possible. Not only was he late on his first day transferring into Saint Chronica Academy but he has blonde hair, "assaulted" a teacher (in reality all he really did was run to class, end up out of breath, and stumbled into class; freaking the teacher out) and even "extorted" a textbook from his classmate (again all he did was ask to borrow one and beause of the girl judging Kodoka on his appearance and because of what happened with the teacher, she just gave him her book out of "fear".) While most of that was blown out of proportion, it still doesn’t change the fact that he’s friendless because of things out of his control. This makes the perfect setup for Mikazuki Yozora to sweep right in. I love how she goes around and appears to be this selfish little girl even though she can’t hide the fact that she has a big heart. I’m willing to bet that throughout the series she’ll slowly reveal what occurred in her past. But until then, I’m excited to watch her battle with Kashiwazakai Sena, the perfect girl who’s perfection scares off everyone around her (except her stalkers). With half the full cast still missing, I can’t wait to see what kind of strange things are preventing them from making friends. It was nice to see the ending, that childhood friends found each other again after 10 years. Now watching the second season.

espada357 rated 9.75:

This is definitely in my top 3 just because there is everything in it. I like Rika. She tends to make the show pretty funny just by being her little, weird, pervy self. I like Kate too. She seems nice. I recommend this anime to anyone who hasn't seen it. NEXT is better by the way so after you watch the first season you have something to look forward to.

Dancerinthedark rated 4.00:

If you have strong feelings about this anime, please don't read any further. I just noticed there was an abnormally large amount of overly positive reviews for this show and thought it would be best if there was a second opinion readily available.

Haganai was not an enjoyable anime for me. I did not find it funny past a certain point. For the first three episodes the show revolves around the mistaken delinquent and the two "heroines" of the series - Yozora and Sena. These episodes for the most part were quite sharp, and as Sena and Yozora's antics grew and grew,
it is a show about making friends,but they don't know how...however those moments when Sena and Yozora fight each others...really annoys me,and it was a pointless show in the end,it was so boring,so it didn't really interested me