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Sakura, the main male character (apparently boys can be named Sakura too), is targeted for elimination by God. Sometime in the future, Sakura is going to discover the secret behind eternal life and create a machine that will allow people to live forever. Since this obviously treads upon God's divine power, he decides to send assassins to the past to kill Sakura. As a side effect, the machine also stunts the aging of women and they don't develop any further once they reach the age of 12. As a result, the future is the perfect lolicon's paradise.

God sends Dokuro-chan, an angel with a nail bat named Excaliborg to the present day. Her mission is to kill Sakura before he can invent the loli-machine. Unfortnately, she's become somewhat attached to Sakura and can't bring herself to actually kill him and leave him dead. Every time she does club him to death, she says the magic words to bring him back to life in her bloodily cute splendor. Instead, she has decided to live with him and find "alternative ways" to prevent him from making the doomsday device.

Credits: kawaiiguy

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Shoujoboy's Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Tv Review

Rated: 2

I went into this show expecting a good laugh, and I rarely come across something that I just can't find anything good in. It seems a few people out there really enjoyed this, but at this point I have to question those people's sanity. Over the top humor can work, but somehow this show missed the mark on making that happen. Redundant humor, characters you just didn't like and other lackluster elements made this show one I'd soon rather forget. Shows that lack plot usually make up for it in another department. This on the other hand faultered at every junction that can make an anime great. As for recommending this to people, I'll only recommend this to one type of person... if you like to smoke pot and watch anime then this one just might work for you.

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Member Opinions

orange-lisa orange-lisa

I don't like anything of this anime, I think it's not my genre at all. It's totally nonsense and full of extremisms of all kind. His humor based on violence and references to the world of the sexuality doesn't make me laugh even a bit.

SAKURA KUSAKABE: "Geez! We promised this morning that you wouldn’t club me to death anymore!"

blessedaegis blessedaegis

This is a really goof ball show. First it's bloody, so be warned. Once you get past the blood you'll find a fairly funny show, with some interesting stories. It reminded me Super Milk Chan with T & A + Blood , shaken with just a bit of better humor.

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