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Students whisper about the urban legend “Boogiepop”-- a mysterious shinigami who comes to take children away-- when kids start disappearing. Teachers dismiss the disappearances as runaways, and the police think they are the work of a serial killer.

In reality, Boogiepop is a defender of justice who fights against the evils hidden from normal society.
The missing children were actually taken by the Boogiepop Phantom, who claims to be the savior of children. In actuality, these children are enhanced humans given abilities by technology created by the Towa Organization, the true serial killer set out to kill its own creations.

Boogiepop refuses to let the Towa Organization and its followers have their way. With the aid of Nagi Kirima, the shinigami fights against Manticore, another creation of the Towa Organization, seeking to restore peace.

Contributed by DokiDokiChan

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Harakiri's Boogiepop Phantom Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is the point where I will come to that strange presentation. As already told in the first category the story really is confusing and hard to understand. Personally I like difficult and artistic anime but this one surely overdid it in its strangeness. That is why watching Boogiepop is a bit frustrating until the last few episodes where the mysterious riddle is solved bit by bit - of course in a disjointed manner again. Important facts are only told once in the anime so you will have problems in understanding if you do not watch this show attentively.
On the other hand there is this really good directing style featuring some shocking scences mixed with individual drama.

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Member Opinions

Cirru Cirru

This series in a lot of ways felt like a slightly different version of Serial Experiments Lain, which isn't a bad thing. Boogiepop is presented sparingly, but at key moments in the series. Would like to read the manga behind it at some point.

Glukogen Glukogen

Honestly, I watched this anime through force, the story just is not addictive. My attention kept only the desire to know what is the movie ends and who is this phantom. Only the story for me did not even clearer after the ending. I Maybe didn't carefully watch, but the impression remains that the authors leave silent about many things
You need to read manga like min, if you want to understand anime story, and don't want freeze your mind like me

DokiDokiChan DokiDokiChan

A very unique and good series. The animation is great for the year it was made, and the voice acting doesn't give you anything to complain about.
Because the franchise is so large (manga, novels, live-action, spin-offs, etc.) and the series is made to be puzzling, reading some background info before or after watching the anime will help you enjoy it more. The trick is not to think too much as you're watching it; just take things in stride and everything will fall into place.
Overview: A good anime if you're willing to read up on some background information before watching it.

chalupa chalupa

A intriguing, surreal show. Watch the commentary to get a better understanding of the vague plot ... by the time you finish, you might be able to tell all the generic high school girls apart. I liked Boogiepop's hook-shot thing.

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