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Webmind's Bottle Fairy Tv Review

Rated: 6

the series is clearly aimed at being humorous and certainly qualifies..
episodes are usually filled with appropriate and/or odd jokes.. usually quite simple for someone familiar with the context.. some of the cultural based or word jokes might seem a bit odd as a joke to those not familiar with the culture or language.. but most fansubs seem to help with that.
it series also seems to contain some educational value recoulnizable in topics choosen for each of topics.. but it's mild and doesn't distrub the enjoyment..
overall the series is certainly enjoyable.. the characters play horrible cute roles which can be painfull.. but in a good way.. it felt rather extreme.. like you get a cuteness overdose.. but that's not too uncommon I think..

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

cute but storyline predictable. characters cute at its time. now looking back, bit childish. seiyuu not particularly memorable. despite showing characters growth throughout story, not enough depth nor insights given. pity.

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