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Kuikka-kun's Brave King GaoGaiGar Tv Review

Rated: 8

You can really enjoy this anime.
It has robots, aliens, transforming robots, good animation, transforming ninjarobots and some of the most cool looking mecha desing ever seen.

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Member Opinions

stargem stargem

I could see many anime that appear to have emulated this at some point.
Plot doesn't seem to make sense, but it's an old fashioned anime with some credit.
Many of the things done in the series are very creative.

ShinLanceVulcano ShinLanceVulcano

Definitely one of my favorite Super Robots. The designs are great and keep improving... the argument gets more and more interesting as the series keeps advancing, and the fighting scenes are pure epic.
The OVA is also great and epic... definitely one of the most powerful mechs


Impresive super robot series which tells the viewer the true meaning of courage. Despite the low start of the series it quickly expands towards an spiral of great awesomeness. One of my favourites and a deffinitively must see for any mechs and/or GAR fan.
In conclussion a series so GAR that has Gar on it's own name!

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