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Brothers Conflict Series, Visual Novel

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Member Opinions

KazablanKa KazablanKa

Really, i hardly even finished the first episode. Downloaded the anime thinking that it might be a bit good or different.. boy was i wrong. Couldn't finish the first episode without feeling like a big perv. That one episode was to cheesy and crappy for me to make me get going with an anime as much pointless as Brothers Conflict. I feel bad for the hours i spent downloading it!

Monu-chan Monu-chan

Such an interesting anime.....
I've watch otome anime before but this is somewhat different from them because the male harem are brothers.At first I shocked then how brothers can fall in love with their own sister and the sister is also not so good looking for my taste...
I love the triplet brohters Nastume, azusa and tsubaki they all look super hot....
but the anime wasn't that satisfying and also not correctly ended well....... want a second season to see who will make ema his girl

kuro115b kuro115b

a romance story between one step sister and 13 handsome brothers! wow
it's not just good, but all of the Ashaina brothers are handsome! who will she choose...I wonder...I like Natsume the most! he is handsome, cool and a director of a game company...
I think the girl is really lucky to have make all of the brothers fall for her! ^.^
I like the ending song..."My sister, metcha kucha ni aishiteru..."


So...Many...Hot...Guys!! *NOSEBLEED* @///////@ I can't take it... So... The boys were absolutely lovely. I wouldn't say the same about the heroine...She was...quite annoying...So this show get's a good grade because of the hotties and the funny moments. ^^

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

first this kinds of anime is not my type at all, but since i watched the three ep of it i said i will complete it, i hate otome anime because the heroine have no personality and of course this anime is no different than the others any way i enjoyed the comedy and the good coloring but not the drawing, and i hate the idea about brothers fighting over girl, why they have the same taste ??!! weird !! and they all are older than her only three close to her age suppose the conflict between them just not with the rest of them, the characters i like Juri and Rui and Yusuke and Natsume and i hate Fuuto so much ! the rest i don't like them, anyway still the anime must had another season because the story is not finished yet.

banraider banraider

I really don't know what to say , first of all this is not my type of anime, i hate otome type anime, because the stupid heroine who ever she is, has no personality and all the boys kill each other to get her for unknowing reasons, it's like she's the last girl in the world, i watched Brother Conflict only because i wanted to see every one character, but sadly, the last character Natsume is show up in episode 4 and it was too late to stop watching the anime so i continued to watch it any way and it was a big mistake i will not do it again, the characters personality is kind of crazy, i really don't like any one of them, and the most character i hate is fuuto, i just want to slap him in the face, he is very annoying, the only thing i like in this anime is their life style,the graphics and juri.

aureawolf aureawolf

Another of my guilty pleasures xDDDDD!!!! The story is quite plain and not very plausible, but the display of so many sweet guys is veeeeeery worthy. Personally, I only took 10 brothers into account (Wataru, Louis and Hikaru were out of the question) and my favorites would be Kaname, Natsume and Yuusuke (in that order)... They're so... kyaaaaaaaaaaaa! <3 >///< <3 Anywho, I admit that this is a terrific example of a good male harem ;D

xXRonny-ChanXx xXRonny-ChanXx

Watched the first 3 eps.
Just for Louise and Juli I would give this series a 6, I loved Louise at first sight~
Beautiful characters design but I didn't like the story (Personally I think there's a weak point in the fiction causing incredibility and that isn't enjoyable).

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