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Minayuri's Bubblegum Crisis Ova Review

Rated: 10

BGC and ADP Files was a great anime experience for me, both are great classic anime titles to enjoy. The DVD's that were released are filled with bonuses, such as music videos and a video special inculded in the second disc of the BGC collection of the voice actresses of the Knight Sabers and Vision(voiced by the talented Maiko Hashimoto, famous for Vision's songs Say Yes! and Never The End), the video special was also fun to watch and see the voice actresses act in character. The BGC universe can be best described as a mix of Blade Runner, The Terminator, and Streets of Fire; three films that inspired the creation of BGC .

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minayuri minayuri

The original OVA is my all-time favorite of the franchise with the engaging stories it had, episodes 1-3 and 7 being my top favorites and I absolutely loved the song soundtrack, truly the best one I've heard. The characters were really awesome and my top five favorites are Priss, Leon, Linna, Reika, and Nene. The only character I really didn't care too much for was Sylvie TBH, I feel her character was a negative point in Priss' character development. It's a shame production problems prevented the planned 13 episodes being halted by the 8th episode. I was disappointed with the ship teasing for Leon and Priss, I wanted them to hook up and become official, but perhaps if the episodes had been continued, I'm sure they would have gotten together. The original language version had a great cast of voices of the finest seiyuu and singers Kinuko Ohmori and Maiko Hashimoto did a great job with their roles, yet the dub is terrible so only watch it in Japanese. Crash was the one part of the franchise I disliked, it felt like badly written fan-fiction stories combined with bad animation quality. AD Police Files was awesome; I loved the mature aspect of it, Jeena was a real badass, and I would've liked more episodes of it to lead to the rise of the Knight Sabers and what happened to Jeena. 2040 was a good series story-wise, but the character personalities are left to be desired and lack the fine qualities their OVA counterparts have, plus the solid bond they had and it felt too volatile. However; I'm glad that Leon and Priss came to be a couple in this series, that Mason had more of a role as an antagonist and was more fleshed out than his OVA counterpart, the animation quality was really good, had a great dub, and the OP song is pretty awesome to listen to.

Cirru Cirru

Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040
Remember watching this and those suits were fantastic. Nene is too cute. : ) Would have loved to be their mechanic and have them try the mech suits on. ...also wondered why there were no guys using the suits. :/


Own both on VHS and DVD, including the Hurricane Live music videos. For the longest time, this was one of my favorite series, and remains so due to nostalgia. I also still have the 1993 issue of TurboForce magazine that I heard about it from, and it was my search for this title specifically that introduced me to TRSI.
I also have the Tokyo 2040 TV series, and AD Police Files, AND even Bubblegum Crash, just because I'm a completist.

evelluchia evelluchia

i though of it as a feuturistic and nice series to watch ^-^ i enjoied it alot some minor things could have done better but it was very good ^-^ i would reccamend to those if you like an exciting si-fi series ^-^

Kukuru Kukuru

BGC Tokyo 2040 - it's great, sadly a couple of filler eps otherwise quite interesing:) It has some great designs, an intriguing storyline and likable characters. I've had to up my rating on this to a 9 because of the fact this is one of the few shows I'm able to watch again and again and still find great enjoyment.

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