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minayuri minayuri

Truly a charming piece of anime with such an endearing heroine in Touko Amano, she truly has a good and gracious heart. I love how she was able to reach out to the troubled Miu Asakura and help her come out of the darkness that had taken over her heart. Touko is a positive presence and I'm happy that Inoue came to fall in love with her, they have a heartwarming chemistry and are a sweet couple. The OVA series was okay, the only episodes I cared about was the ones centered on Touko and Miu. I really didn't care for the one centered on Kotobuki.

oukafriend oukafriend

Once upon a time I stumbled on a picture from the manga. Nice art. After reading the like..single chapter there was at the time, I found the concept to be very interesting. The girl literally EATS stories. It's interesting. The art for the OVAs is great too. Have yet to really see much though.

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