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Because everyone is allowed to carry weapons, the streets of Tokyo are full of crime. The city is watched over by a group known as RAPT who are supposed to keep order and punish lawbreakers. But on top of out of control citizens to deal with and RAPT actually abusing their authority instead of using it to help the people, there are also monsters made from human and machine to worry about. As a result four women: Jo, Sei, Amy and Meg, decide to take on the challenge of protecting the city from corruption, crime and these new monsters.

Credit: MisaSasekage

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NovaProspekt's Burst Angel Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is an action anime pure and simple. No, wait; it is an exceptional action anime. Gunfights, fistfights, mecha battles and the word "patisserie" (what Kyohei aspires to be) makes this a refreshing and fun action anime experience.

The DVDs surprised me with their level of content. The insert in the DVD cases are 6-8 page booklets with character illustrations, environment illustrations, cast info, background info, and various other interesting tidbits. The bonus features include the standard clean opening and endings, and previews sections. They also include episode commentaries, selections from the Bakuretsu Tenshi radio shows, interviews with the Japanese cast and crew and even an interesting preview of another CG animated show.

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Member Opinions

InuyashaRulesssss InuyashaRulesssss

Came across this one when I saw a scan of one of the pics. They summery talks about the guy (the cook) joining the team. Most of it is really about Jo. I thought it was alright. Sei was my fav in this one. Jo was a badass and Amy was really cute lol. Overall I thought it was good.

Astara Astara

I watched the DVD entitle Burst Angel. Not the Japanese version., Bakuretsu Tenshi. So is Bakuretsuo =Burst and Tenshi = Angel, I didn't think Japanese had Angels. Does Tenshi mean angel or is it like them turning the word 'daemon' into the word 'demon' in InuYasha -- changing the meaning? So much I don't know -- so little time. I haven't learned the foreign titles for the English pusblished anime's I have watched -- unless they were published with the original names like InuYasha, Ikki Tousen, Tenjho Tenge, etc... (I really hate it when they call it something complete different in English, I'd really prefer either the original name OR an exact translation, BUT such is the market as it is... I just watch 'em. Anyway, about Burst Angel ..

At first wasn't too sure about this, but was hooked after the first story. Twas about four femmes out for hire fighting bad guys, with one(Jo) having undefined and 'awakening' 'super powers' and being one tough 'angel' -- more of the avenging kind, when you get her ire up. This happens often when it concerns her BFF, Meg, who achieved this by risking her own life to save Jo's early in Jo's recently purged memory...but more on that in the video. Not real complete ending, but they recap (weakly IMO) in the OVA movie that followed the series. They ending was nearly sufficient, but left a few critical things one might want answered either up in the air or uncertain.
(Maybe they weren't sure about a future season renewal? :-))

Probably a PG-13 rating for moderate violence, mild gore, lots of shoot-emup 'fun'.

"You're about to enter a whole new world of hurt! Welcome to *H*E*L*L*" - famous Jo soundbite when she's bringing about final destruction to an enemy....(repeated multiple times).

Naruth Naruth

The downfall of society theme hooked me. The forced storyline and equally forced emotional content pushed me away. Had 3 episodes left to watch, took me 6 months. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible; it's just repetitive (even to a mindless tv zombie like myself). Plus, I just don't dig the giant robots. I'll mark partially cuz I've still got the movie to watch.

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