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CLAMP Campus is a very unique school devoted to cultivating the minds of the best, brightest, and most creative students of Japan. It also has quite the reputation as a party school, which divisional governments - kindergarten, elementary, all the way through university - providing festivals and events year round. The elementary division, led by Nokoru Imonoyama, with secretary Suoh Takamura and treasurer Akira Ijyuin is the best of the best, with each of the three boys being at the top of their respective fields.

But running a council was not enough for Nokoru. The knight in shining armor to all females, Nokoru makes it his (and thus, the goal of the Elementary Student Council) goal to save females who are in need, and forms another group - the Clamp Campus Detectives - to accomplish this goal. Armed with a sixth sense for female distress, Nokoru takes Suoh and Akira on a journey to help the fairer sex...

Unfortunately for Suoh, this means that Nokoru avoids paperwork more often than not.

Credits: twinklebyte

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Member Opinions

KazablanKa KazablanKa

This was a show i watched long time ago,but know i really liked it,it was just too funny and cool..
i surly loved the Characters,don't remember the names though =.=
but it has some memorable ones,the much i know i didn't dislike any of them!
Well,i guess that this is what you can see coming From CLAMP anyways,just the best work.

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

I wouldn't have read this unless my sister got this manga. At first i thought it was really childish, but it was cute. Little kids being women killers and detectives are a bit of a stretch and unrealistic. I read it mainly because i'm a CLAMP fan.

ai-yame ai-yame

While I can't help but wonder why kindergartners like Utako and Nagisa already have love interests at such a very young age [in Akira and Suoh, respectively], this cute and child-friendly show got me amused and entertained. The existence of the student council with Nokoru's lead plus Suoh and Akira, to help damsels in distress is the very essence of CCD as they solve mysteries no matter how small or big the cases are. CCD can pique your interest especially if you have a knack for solving mysteries, and worth watching for a 26-episode series. Another cute and decent work from CLAMP!

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