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Candidate for Goddess is set in the year 4048, over one thousand years since the Crisis of Systems, which resulted in the destruction of four planetary systems, leaving only a single inhabitable planet, Zion. Mankind is forced to live in space colonies, since that one planet is constantly being invaded by alien life forms that have come to be known as Victim. To stop the aliens and protect Zion mankind has developed five astronomical humanoid weapons, Ingrids, also known as Goddesses. At the G.O.A. (Goddess Operation Academy), young men from colonies are trained to pilot the Goddesses and are partnered with Repairers, whose sole job is to provide assistance to the pilots and maintain the vessels they pilot. Each of the pilots require a blood-type of EO have a special power called EX, which varies from pilot to pilot. The time that a child can control a Goddess is limited and replacements have to be found after a moderate length of time.

By: Tricause

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Tricause's Candidate for Goddess Tv And Ova Review

Rated: 9

One can easy enjoy the whole uncompleted series, because there was not a point in which there was nothing to enjoy. The fact that there was no resolution to the series should not affect it negatively, it should be viewed as room for an unknown future, though admittedly one can be a bit upset that they canceled the series and never reinitiated it. The opening scene and just Zero's personality can hook someone onto this series as well as the humorous repeated failures of Clay. The fact that he always believes retreating is an option makes him vulnerable with a average life span of ten seconds in battle. The story was original, regardless if it had some aspects of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam intertwined within it.

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Member Opinions

angelxxuan angelxxuan

short mecha, I bet it would have made big if more came of it but sadly it was a lost cause, compared to the creators and possibly the few fans that it might have. it was the cat girl that I was drawn into for :) maybe because I like it so much is because it was short, for some odd reason I have trouble keeping up with many mecha related anime.

aozoraskies aozoraskies

This was engaging enough at first, hinted heavily at more possible depth and backstories and then - went NOWHERE. Oi. It had certain events in the story that had quite a bit of impact, a couple of interesting side characters; minus, main characters can annoy so much after a while, side characters not given the right attention, neither did the plotline. I feel that this series wanted to go somewhere but got lost... If it had been presented differently, it could have been a lot better.

riho88riho riho88riho

The only reason I give this such a low scoring is because it cuts off in both the anime and the manga. Neither version of the series ever really completes or explains all the way through. However, the artwork is very well done, and the plot (up to the cut off) is actually very enticing and interesting.

Another type of gundam with the usual action, space, and mechas. Characters are interesting and vary a lot with some drama here-and-there but with the over all engaging.

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