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LightFykki's Candy Boy Ova Review

Rated: 8

Short episodes, short story, few characters and even smaller plot… Yup, this is an ONA and a very relaxing one to add to that. While at first glance you will notice that this is a yuri based one, but it is a light yuri one, meaning that there are no erotic scenes or even fanservice here. No, this is a very calm anime where the main plot doesn’t matter and what all is important is the happiness of that characters.
It goes on slowly and actually and very pure to our mind. Yes, it is that relaxing and nice. Episodes are short so that means that you can watch one in between of any other anime. The plot itself doesn’t take for you to think much and there are only four main characters in total, so nothing too big to worry about.

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Member Opinions

LightFykki LightFykki

Short, sweet and enjoyable series. I liked it and found it relaxing, but that's all that it is. If you are looking for a short relaxing show with light comedy and some light yuri elements, then try this one might be for you.


A sisterly love, reaching a little bit of a incest sort of thing. It is not quite that, but the strong love one sister has for the other leans towards it without crossing that line. I love the interactions between the main characters and how as sisters they look after one another. It is not quite Yuri or incest... but just a love story with a huge twist in it.

A must watch for any Anime fan.

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