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renlilica renlilica

I've gotta admit that the shots are really cool the eagle shot and all those stuff but I watched this anime after I watched Hungry Heart, so it had no effect on me. Well for football fans you might like this anime.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

I saw it when I was a child and even then I considered it stupid. I understand that anime are works of fantasy, but if they mean to talk about real things they must maintain at least a minimum of verisimilitude. It's ridiculous to see children of 10 years playing in stadiums worthy of the Champions League filled to the brim, school matches broadcasted on TV, 240 episodes dedicated ONLY to a ball. People's life doesn't revolve around a ball! I understand we are talking about football, but the life of a child is not just that! The miss of all sports anime is that they don't talk about anything but sport, and it's boring. And anyway, I don't think that football includes circus tricks, gyrations in the air and leaps of 20 meters, bright fireballs that before arriving in goal make a rush around the world, balloons that pierce the net, fractures and various diseases in spite of which people plays at the risk of the health, soccer fields one thousand miles long that seem to never end and countless of such nonsenses. I'm speechless.

TSUBASA OZORA: "The ball is my best friend!"

pdrawman pdrawman

As can not forget Tsubasa Ozora (Oliver Atom renamed in Chile) and Genzo Wakabayashi (Benji Price renamed in Chile), the most spectacular saga of what Soccer is concerned. With a host of values ​​given in each chapter, provided Captain Tsubasa adrenaline and enjoyment dedisfritar more than a partisan football: spectacular shots, players gifted countless soccer fields, etc. The selectionof players than any team in the world would long to have. Therefore deserves a special place in the history of manga and anime.

Nalataia Nalataia

I was a child when I first saw it and I cannot remember all... but what i can say is "Captain Tsubasa" has become a myth. It is one of

the series all anime/manga addict must see (in my opinion, at least) like Dragon Ball, Akira, Astro Boy and so on. It is a classic between classics. No matter if you do not like football, that is not the point; the relationship between characters, their rivalries, how they face their weakness... that kind of stuff.

Particularly, i do like the first seasons, when Tsubasa is still a kid. The season where he comes to Barcelona and join the local team it is a little boring.

However, it is a good anime.

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