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I only have the original OVA and Nuku Nuku Dash on DVD. I always felt the other TV series was a bit below par, and had trouble watching more than one episode at a time. Obviously, it's not high on my list of series to acquire. Since they're not differentiated, the rating includes all three, and is dragged down a bit by the Nuku Nuku TV series. I'd rate the OVA highest, as a solid 8. Dash was more serious, but about in the 7.25 range. 5.75 for the Nuku Nuku TV series. Average rating of the three, factoring in episode counts, is about 6.75.

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Loved the first OVA and DASH was a good series with the alternate storyline with Ryunosuke as a teenager and falling in love with Nuku Nuku and his parents still together. I see Nuku Nuku as one of the pre-moe era moe characters as she does a lot of moe-like things, but by the same token still being a kick-ass cat girl as she fights to protect those closest to her. The TV series was alright, but don't expect much in terms of plot though as it is a comedic slice-of-life series, but in the end you'll understand why Nuku Nuku is a truly endearing cat-girl android, because of her heartfelt humanity and it's a shame she's such an underrated character, because I find she has a more likeable personality than the overrated Chii from Chobits who I find one-dimensional.

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