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Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Okay anime for a MOVIE, for those ladies who are are into STUFFED TOYS, atlease i think it is. im sure you guys will enjoy this one.
The story is about a boy who has a PET(you can say it a pet) which is apparantly from someother dimension. Each of its kind bears a property, the one the boy hold has the property to transform into anything.
If one eat the other it can absorb its properties. Controlling them via HAIR ANTINNA, they are bound to obey there masters.

orenji orenji

Wow wow... something fresh, creative and so complexed than can be watched many times and every time i find something new in it which means it is good not only in anime category but in general as a story. hope to see more works of full authors.

vitaamin vitaamin

Uki certainly did an impressive job adapting his manga background for the big screen. While the 30 minute length leaves little time to fully develop a complex plot, Uki rose to the challenge with remarkable grace. Cencoroll never felt rushed and while none of my initial questions were answered, I found myself utterly satisfied with the ending. With a little bit for every watcher--action for the boys, two nonchalant semi-bishies (wink wink) for the girls and poetic storytelling for anime-snobs like myself--Cencoroll is a roller coaster that won't make you dizzy.

Moreover, in true stroke-of-genius fashion, Uki is able to capture a stylized art form and sound to give Cencoroll a voice of its own. The movements are of choppy but fluid quality and the sound blends perfectly into the production's texture. As expected for OVAs and the budget they normally receive, the drawings never seem half-assed. But unlike others, Uki is able to capture his manga roots within each snapshot, transition and moving scene. The result? A short film that lulls viewers into its sci-fi core with an unnatural serenity for its genre.

With such a short duration, it is well worth your time to see this lovely anime, which reassured anime-lovers that cartoons are not just for kids!

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