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AtmaCashino's Chaos Legion Tv Review

Rated: 9

This RPG has an interesting twist from the way the experiance points and health are used. (Get his directly and your life health suffers, health hits zero equals death. Kill enemies and get experiance). However, there is another bar, Soul, and the Legions. It is the <i>Legions</i> that gain the EXP, and even so, only the ones that were brought along get them.

These EXP are used to increase their abilities (more attacks, more members, better attack and defense) or the abilities they give Sieg when they're equiped. For example, the "Guilt" Legion gives Sieg the ability to use the "Dark Ripper" in place of his "Midnight Ripper," which gives him a total of 6 normal attacks instead of the usual 4.

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