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Z827's Choujigen Game Neptune Game Review

Rated: 5

= This is a Review of Hyperdimension Neptunia =
... This game is honestly speaking , very poorly made.
The only defining trait in this game is the cute girls and nothing more.
The storyline is bad , there isn't even enough fan-services for a fan-service game ( EVEN AGAREST CAN DO BETTER! ) , the jokes are bad and the gameplay itself? Could be better.

Still , I've seen worse games than this , if your fond of Magical Girls and all that moe , you could probably get this , but for hardcore gamers and JRPG fans , stay away from this like a disease.
It does bear it's unique traits and features , but the developers seriously need to buck up and put more effort into evaluating these features' true worth and bring them to the next level.

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I am currently in the progress of watching this anime series that is based off the video game. It's actually prerry good and I am enjoying it. I'll say sometimes it's a bit cheesy, but it just adds some comedy to it. If you like the video games, you'll like the series.

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