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8 volume manga (1998-2004), Daisuke Moriyama
24 TV episodes, Gonzo (2004)

Brooklyn, 1924. The prosperity of the decade has summoned the darker forces of nature to rise from their sleep and back to the surface of the world. The Order of Magdala, a religious military organization, has developed special weaponry and trained forces of nuns and priests to battle this evil. Follow Rosette Christopher, a young rambunctious exorcist, and her partner Chrno, a hornless demon, as they wade through hordes of monsters and demons, fighting evil and risking life and limb. Not to mention excessive damage to real estate.

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Hepro2000's Chrno Crusade Tv Review

Rated: 9

Of course this anime is enjoyable. There is not only suspense and drama, but also humor to lift a heavy mood. The presenting of the main characters in the first episode really had me latched on, the first time. The concept of the anime is at first unclear, but steadily becomes clearer as the story progresses. The anime moves at a steady pace, not too fast and yet not really slow. It gradually presents challenges for the protagontists and as those challenges are overcome more of the protagonists' pasts become clear as well as the concept of the anime. Before too long the entire thing is revealed, yet there are some things left in shadow and that is truly how the directors keep viewers glued to the screen wondering what will happen next.

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Member Opinions


One of THE first anime series i have ever balled my eyes out over once i finished the series. The ending was totally sad & heart wrenching. thank goodness the series ends the way i wanted it to in the manga :)


An unusual, yet good series. I was stunned by how well it was animated but how the story did not develop in the way I thought that it could have. It was very good, but because how the story was at times - lost - it hampered the whole thing. It was still a very good story, but it could have been way better.

It was sort of sad to see, but it is true... a little more of a story twist and a few other little touches would have made all of the difference. A pretty fair one, but disappointing as well... sort of made the whole watching it not as enjoyable as it could be.

Summer67 Summer67

Excellent: Tear Jerker, but it leaves room for your own imagination.
This was the very first series/show ever that I had watched that I was not happy with the 'unhappy' part at the end (no spoilers lol). It took awhile for me to get over that feeling as growing up a disney kid (and we all know how their endings are). I actually would like to rewatch this one again sometime in the future as it was one of the first series to watch and it's been so long that I've seen it.

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

The manga was amazing, but the anime was weird, it didn't follow the storyline very well and made a weird ending :/ I mean, come on, it was TOTALLY different! They could have waited a ltitle while to make the series, what a disappointment. And it pisses me off more that ppl think it's such a great series without even reading the Manga, come on people. Chrno Crusade was the first series I ever found on my own and the first mangas I bought, so I'm VERY attached to it.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I liked Chrono, more so his devil form. The whole concept of the show I really saw coming. I also liked Aion's devil form as well. I didn't care too much for the English dub, I thought Chrono's voice was too soft and kinda squeaky, I thought the same of Rosette's voice as well.

Davo Davo

goood anime, but i don't like the final episode XD, the character design is very good and the animation have much good points, in the design part they made some changes to make more atracctive the characters specially Rosette and Azmaria, the plot are based in the manga but with some original episodes and converges with the original manga story, in the middle part of this anime diverge from the original story a different end, i recommend watch this anime and the same time read the manga, in my opinion this title mustb be considered like a story with multple ends, when the end of anime is the bad end and the end of manga is the good end.

ghost945 ghost945

pretty good but could be better. would like to see more characters development apart from the main. what happened to the sisters? what happened to the nun they rescued at the beginning? felt like there could be a lot more stories to share but was cut short.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

sad but good. I was on the verge of tears on the last episode, but that's come to be typical of my viewing of anime. I prefer the sad, down to earth, real ones, I don't have many where everyone wins, or there's a happy ending. but I found it excellent, the artwork was just outstanding and the plot kept me entertained


Good doesn't always triumph over evil.

I have been told Gonzo made a poor job with the ending in the anime and that the manga makes a lot more sense and is definitely better, the end is not as sad and Rossette gets her wish before dying. I guess I'll have to read the manga. The anime was good

symphonyofthieves symphonyofthieves

I absolutely loved, loved, LOVED this anime!!! Rosette's voice in the dub annoyed me in the first episode, only because from her picture I expected it to sound different, but after that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. And Greg Ayres is one of my favourite (English) male voice actors, so that was a big plus. But I loved the storyline, the characters, the atmosphere, the music, everything. I knew long before I had ever started the anime how it ended, since I had read about it in an issue of AnimeInsider once - so it was really hard to get myself to watch the last episode, I just didn't want to actually see the ending, I wanted to live in an oblivious world where it ended differently xD But, anyway, I don't think there was a single thing I disliked about this anime.


Chrno Crusade is an amazing and thrilling series to read and I love it!! The ending although tragic is bittersweet and miraculously fulfilling...I think...since they were able to express their love for each other. :) This is the best manga I've read in ages!! Love Chrno and Rosette <3


Chrono Crusade takes place in Brooklyn, NY in the roaring twenties. Demonic Sinners run rampant in the economic prosperity brought after the Great War, and its up to an organization called the Magdalene Order to try and counter this force. Two of its exorcists are Sister Rosette Christopher and her assistant, Chrono. Full of action and touching moments.


The concept of a 1920's nun and devil teaming up to exorcise other devils was original and witty enough to peak anyone's interest. The relationship between the two was humorous yet left you wanting to see more chemistry between the two. The action was very well done and just too much fun to watch, but started veering toward a totally bizarre twist that just left a bad taste in my mouth. By the last episode I decided that the only decent part of the series was the beginning and that Moriyama-san should feel ashamed at the destruction of his series.

riho88riho riho88riho

Own: All Mangas
Artwork is cute for both anime/manga. Each makes up for the "lack" in the other (the anime has good points that the manga doesn't, but the manga also has parts the anime doesn't). Together, they make a cute series with a decent story/plot.

TheBloodStains TheBloodStains

I never read the manga but I really love the anime its so sad and sweet seriously I almost cried at the end D':
My favorite Character is deffiantly Chrono but the Couple RosettexChrono is adorable.The music was really good
and I really liked the style for it.

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