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Set in an alternate world where humanity can only survive in so called Regios, portable cities with a fairy as engine in its core. The vast, dry, soiled land and contaminated air are inhabited by filth monsters, the new rulers over the world. Beside the fear of an attack from these filth monsters, the Regios are constantly in battle between each other to obtain selenium mines, the element to maintain the function of the cities. Therefore the privileges over mines are decided by inter-city matches which are held by the platoons using so called DITES as weapons.
The story begins with the arrival of Layfon Alseif in Zuellni, an Academy city, and his try to begin anew. But with his sudden forceful change to the Military Arts Department and assignment to the 17th platoon his plan to move on from his past gets busted. Now again among the Military and on the battlefield, how will Layfon deal with this situation? Can he hide his overwhelming power, his past and should he really abandon his abilities? Between filth monster attacks and mysterious occurrences around the city fairies, Layfon must confront his past and find a resolve to walk forward on his own path.

Contributed by chiara

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Member Opinions

hyuri hyuri

I thought this show was pretty good. The story surrounds this guy who's a badass but is trying to refrain from being a badass. He ends up being pulled back into that world and has no choice but to use his abilities to save his new home.

chiara chiara

I love Felli and Fon-Fon as characters and also the setting is interesting. Humanity lives in Regios (movable cities) because the whole planet is uninhabitable for them and fight against filth monsters. Plenty of action but sadly a lot of questions remain unanswered. The end would make a great start for a 2nd Season. Story is based on the light novels.


This one is not very known, but it's good. It has good music in the fights, something I found amusing while I watched it. A huge part of the real plot did not reach the anime, so there is hope for a second season, but until now there's nothing confirmed.

The fights are good, I'm still wondering what is really happening with the different Regios (the mobile cities humans live in) and their 'guardians'. A fault I can remember is that I didn't feel the characters were changing, growing with their experiences, they were the same from beginning to end.

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