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Rank 2

This is anime. Where I liked the character as Rikka Takanashi.
she was cute and funny. Careless and carefree. She also has chuunibyou which makes me even more impressed.

This anime also has a amazing effect that fight (in fantasy). It was so Amazing

- Character Favorite
Rikka Takanashi
Yuuta tagoshi ( dark flame master )

- Episode favorite
Depth of Field ( special )
episode 12 ( 1st season )

elisadevelon elisadevelon

I actually started watching this series because of a tumblr post that caught my attention. I don't usually like romance but this was merged with fantasy and supernatural, and that made the whole anime much more interesting for me. I loved the animation, the story and the characters and laughed at all the funny dialogues and numerous typically embarrassing situations. The anime depicted the "eighth-grade syndrome" and everything it brings with it really well.

mikeb23 mikeb23

Chuunibyou is bottom line cute and very typical Kyoto moe. The characters, story and theme of the show were adorable, light hearted and had me wanting more...until i got to the second season. Don't get me wrong, I liked the second season but i felt it wasn't needed and didn't have the same emotional impact like the first season had (reminds me of another sci-fi anime by Kyoto *cough*haruhi*cough*) I didn't even feel rewarded after finally completing the series because the ending was a let down for me. Overall, Season 1: 9/10, Season 2: 5/10, average 7/10. As said by someone on the internet, Chuuninbyou's season 2 was, in simple terms, a "c*** tease".

winree winree

At first I'm torn between thinking whether it's a slice of life or a fantasy genre. But after watching it......it is indeed a slice of life. The way the syndrome chuunibyou is centered is what made the anime unique, but remove that and you'll just have a typical shoujo romance.

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