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Soredtherose's City Hunter Tv Review

Rated: 6

A lot of the humour in City Hunter is quite ecchi, and it's funny when you like that sort of thing. Another source of humour is Kaori and her magic hammer. She hits Ryo whenever he gets too perverted. Sometimes Ryo even dresses up in drag or hits on men, but usually Kaori only comes after him when he tries to flirt or feel up a woman. There are also jokes about Umibozu, who is some what shy and old fashioned with women.

The show might seem a little repetitive to some, but the humour seems fresh to the show. It is similar to Lupin III in some ways, but with more drama and romance. There are some episodes that are almost pure action or romance as well, so it varies.

The DVDs are from ADV, and you cannot get them separately.

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I really liked watching it. This is mostly comedy and ecchi gag theme running on episodes but the action scenes are awesome.

Even the serious moments in the story are well written!
My only complain is that it was hard to watch kaori finally getting ryo LOL! it was a really really long and torturous journey to finally see them getting together since ryo would always be busy flirting with every female, except kaori! xD

minayuri minayuri

Pretty fun series which I enjoyed very much, Ryo Saeba has his moments of his mokkori mania (thinking about sex), but he can be serious and does what he can for his clients who are in need of his asssistance. Kaori, his tsundere assistant does what she can to keep Ryo in line, even if she tends to whack him a lot with that heavy hammer. All in all, City Hunter does well in blending in drama and comedy, but the series is episodic in nature, but it's handled pretty good. Ryo is definitely one of the sexiest male characters of all time in my book.


While often more than a bit formulaic and repetitive, I can't help liking this for its goofy characters. Got the entire TV series on clearance only to see some volumes skyrocket in value over the last several years, making this one of the prides of my collection. Own every OVA/movie/special that got a US release, leaving Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba as the only related title I don't have.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Episodic anime, dealing with a duo of private detectives and bodyguards, Kaori and Ryo Saeba, a famous but perverted marksman that only accepts to help beautiful girls. Every episode is similar to the others, with a case to solve, involving of course a girl, and Ryo that tries to harass her but always fails in his attempt, mashed by the giant hammer of his partner. I found boring to watch it until the end.

RYO SAEBA: "Would you stop calling me “perverted”? I’m what you call “nookie dependant”."

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