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Deliquent Okazaki Tomoya finds himself starting his final year in high school with no hope for the future, no girlfriend, bad grades, and a strained relationship with his father.
All seems lost, until the moment he meets Furukawa Nagisa. This girl brings forth hope, love, and family into Okazaki's life.

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Z827's Clannad Game Review

Rated: 9

This is a Review of Clannad ( Visual Novel )
A re-review of Clannad - since my old review didn't do it justice.
Generally , the idea of this game is that it makes men cry a bucket , women would use up all their tissue boxes and children would...
..... Forget it.
Despite this being a "galge game" , which makes it suitable for male players , female players may want to consider trying this Visual Novel as it isn't solely about the protagonist hitting on the girls but the struggles the characters faces and overcome.
Clannad is essentially a mixture of comedy , drama and tragedy.
Making the audience laugh and grin , then shed some tears and smile again. Funnily enough , the process repeats itself even after finishing a route once.

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Member Opinions

etoile-star etoile-star

i think clannad is the most overrated key project and the fans are exaggerating with the whole "sad" thing since at the end a happy ending was given, i liked Kyou and Kotomi the most other than those i didn't give much for the other heroines, i loved kotomi's route the most and i think she's the perfect girl for tomoya alongside kyou, i didn't like after story that much

Sinistra Sinistra

I would have to say this anime is VERY emotional. for those that like a good tear jerkier you are in for a treat. With the stony fallowing the typical anime one boy multiple girls, this one was great. If you are looking for fan service I hate to disappoint but there is none of that in this anime. If you like the first 13 episodes I would suggest watching the "Clannad After Story" which completes the series.

There are several arks in the series that fallow the story of the girls . But the main one fallows Nagisa Furukawa.

banraider banraider

Actually, slice of life anime is not my type, but I watched it for the comedy and also the characters are cool, specially Akio and Sanae, I was very sad when I thought Nagisa is died for real, but thanks god she isn't, although the story is ordinary, but I like it more than any other slice of life anime.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

If i want to recommend this anime, I'd said for it's comedy, because the genre slice of life animes is not my type at all, i liked the comedy way much better than the whole boring story, it's a real life love story, what so interesting about it?, the characters Akio and Sanae, and Sonohara and tomoya is the reason why i didn't dropped the anime, the others stories is kind of good, and the main story is ok, ordinary lover life, i never saw it some thing special, the main hero fell in love with the heroine, they make a good friendship through the episodes, they end up getting married, have a baby, rest of story is bla bla bla... i didn't care for it at all, soooo predictable, so boring, thanx god they make some funny characters (Akio and Sanae, tomoyo and sonohara), else i wouldn't watch this anime, oh well, if u like this genre of love and real life events you will definitely enjoy it.

minayuri minayuri

About Clannad, it's a great anime, but I still prefer Kanon as my #1 Key series. My favorite heroines of this series are Tomoyo, Ryou, Nagisa, Kotomi, and Kyou in that order. Akio is an awesome dad and I love his character. For the alternate world OVA's, my favorite one is definitely Tomoyo's, truly romantic and sweet...I wish KyoAni had adapted her After Story ~It's A Wonderful Life~ too. I wasn't too fond of Kyou's OVA because it focused too much on the love triangle stuff. Although Tomoya x Tomoyo is my fave pairing, I equally love Tomoya with Nagisa too and their daughter is a cutie. Aside from Tomoyo and Nagisa's own relationships with Tomoya, Kotomi's bond with him was sweet. Quite a number of scenes made me cry, mainly in After Story. I don't really understand the stuff going on in ep. 22 of AS that had me scratching my head though, so pretty much AS was enjoyable up until before Ushio fell ill. Fuko-related things after her arc was unnecessary and I feel Tomoyo didn't have enough screentime. I don't like Sunohara's arc, it's not that good and I didn't care too much for his little sister. It was also disappointing they shafted Kappei Hiiragi from the anime, After Story would've been better if they had his story instead of Sunohara's, I love Kappei and Ryou's love story and it was a shame it wasn't a part of the anime.

SetsunaYuki SetsunaYuki

Everybody says Clannad is saddest anime ever, but I don't think so, I was little dissapointed about the twist of ending, it will be great and be saddest anime ever as they say if Nagi-chan and Ushi-chan aren't resurrected by time reverse.

PrincessKou PrincessKou

I had seen both seassons, only I can say is that with this anime I cryed a lot. In the end I didn't know what I had to think about the stories, Naguisa's death made me feel so sad!, but then I really thought that it wasn't true and I felt happy againg but then, when I saw the movie, I cryed againg. Anyway I really like key productions, I loved these changing stories that make you keep on thinking about. This is a particularity from key productions.

Chikaru-chan Chikaru-chan

After seeing Air maintained in note summer and Kanon, whose action takes place in the winter in my list of anime came the turn for spring - Clannad. Tomoya Okazaki hates his town for all not happy memories and past. He lost his mother and had accident which changed his dreams about future. Tomoya spent all days wasting time with his friend Sunohara, sleeps during lessons in classroom and he did not really do anything. All it really changes when he meets a girl during a morning trek to school. The girl, it turns out has the same uniform as he is, so also attends to his school. The girl's name is Furukawa Nagisa and she is lonely in his school for quite different reasons than Tomoya. Only from that moment life Tomoya takes totally unlike dimension. So in short, you can present this anime. Very good anime. Each of the characters has a own story and is presented in a comprehensive manner. I really like this. The story is well constructed and does not drag on in the next episodes.
Anime has a special sense of humor. The protagonist - Tomoya - has a unique way of commenting on everything that surrounds him with the hint it liven of irony. Not everyone can enjoy it, however, I think that because of this we get a fairly intelligent character in anime.
I saw two seasons of the anime, and I think it's worth it to see them all. Especially since the second season seemed to me more interesting. Music from soundtrack falls on the ear, and the character design is very pleasing to the eye while watching anime.
I would recommend this series to all who like a good custom story with a pinch of humor and warmth.

renlilica renlilica

One of the anime to be placed in the top list of "Slice of life" genre. It's so peaceful and nice I really like the plot.
The first season is really filled with humour and after story becomes a lil' serious.
All the characters are good unlike some anime where there are some characters that you can't really stand.
It's a very nice anime all in all.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

This anime will make you cry, laugh, be happy, cry even more and then cry your eyes out. In general it's a very sad story but there's always room for hope. My favorite part is the ED, it's just so cute to watch all those little dangos <3

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

In our world, human relationships are the keys to happiness , but there are times when not everyone can open their door. We often fall into despair and isolate ourselves from the reality of their world when our key is nowhere to be found. It is at these times when we need the support of others to guide us through our hardships and reassure us of our place within society. In society, our families are integral in providing us with the proper support that we need when our lives take a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the miraculous support of their families. Individuals living in a dysfunctional family often fall into a state of frustration and anger; unable to maintain proper stability in their lives. While family members are irreplaceable, their roles are not. Sometimes we need our friends to fill the roles of a family in order to provide us with the necessary support.


Clannad is the number one of my favs anime of all times! I love it! It´s slice of life and so real even if you know some of it is fantasy...
It´s all around the girls that have some sad storys and the way Tomoya ( mane character ) helps them without hesitation. My fav is Nagisa! She is so funny! (Dango Dango) And Fuko too! She is crazy for sea stars XD!
Every character is in there for a reason and is necessary for the anime, and you are gonna love them all!
It makes you cry sometimes but you have such a good time laughing that you almost feel like you are apat of´s so strange to explain it...but it´s really beautiful!

Clannad After Story is like the second season of Clannad. At first i though that it was gonna be lame beacuse Clannad was already so perfect that another season was just going to make it stupid...I TOTALLY TAKE THAT BACK!
Clannad After Story was something that fites the serie really good...for example: (SPOILER) you finally get the story of the girl in the onther world alone with the lil´robot! And you see the life of Tomoya and Nagisa after they graduated !

But i have one warning : ITS SO FREAKING SAD ! BUT SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! So if you are sensitive (like me XD) you have to watch this with a tissue box next to you XD

kuchukuTulip kuchukuTulip

I very very nice anime, i am not a love story liking person but i simply loved the series. The emotions it presents you with are so so nice. No one could ever regret watching. There was humor in it, there was a little bit of slice of life in it, there was lots of story in it, love story too >;) and on top of that it makes everybody cry.
*spoiler* its has a happy ending*spoiler*


Wow, this one is just a mix of emotions. The first season just lays down the story and brings watchers to the mystery of "The Girl in the Other World". I mean, I had suspiscions of who she was but it was just a background thought. The second season though.. my gosh. Every single episode is worth watching over and over again. Made me cry, made me laugh and made me want to do something better with my life.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

A masterpiece. Very emotionnal and deep, Clannad is a beautiful ode to family and love between its members. I loved how you could laugh out loud at Sunohara being kicked by Tomoyo, and some episodes later cry at the end of an arc (Kotomi's or Fuko, for example... or the second half of the After Story). I recommend it to you!

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