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A subdivision of the Lolita fashion that focuses on the more "classical" and "proper" aspects. In contrast to Sweet Lolita and often Gothic Lolita, the Classic version consists of less ornate clothing, fewer accessories, and more muted colors like brown, black, white and blue.

A significant subdivision of Classic Lolita is the Victorian Lolita, whose key component is modesty. Consequently, it is very common for a person donning Victorian Lolita apparel to leave only their face visible, opting for clothing items such as gloves, thick pantyhose, Victorian bloomers and long, bell-shaped dresses. Victorian Lolita apparel may be slightly more elaborate than most Classic Lolita apparel, with fans of this style wearing elaborate fascinators, head bands and bonnets; and making use of accessories such as frilly parasols and plush toys.

Note: Victorian Lolita fashion is really only "lolita" if it's anachronistic i.e. out of the time period it belongs in. Otherwise it's just the fashion of the time. So characters with clothes similar to Lolita fashion, placed in a Victorian setting, will be tagged with only Victorian Fashion.

NOTE: please tag Victorian Lolita with the tags Victorian Fashion and Classic Lolita.

Also see: Sweet Lolita, Punk Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Maid Lolita.

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