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In the world of Claymore, humanity is being terrorized by "youma," beings who live for destruction. Worst of all, these beings can disguise themselves as humans.

But soon, hybrid warrior women - half youma, half human - appeared, to destroy the youma. These women were known as "Claymores," and their silver eyes can recognize a youma that is disguising itself as a human.

Credits: SingerYuna

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Aureawolf's Claymore Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 9

In my opinion, this is one of the most feminist stories ever (ironically, written by an extraordinary man). This are my appreciations about is. If should be any presentation, I think that the ending, "Danzai no hana", describes perfectly what's the core of Claymore:

My heart... is still locked in your memories.
My body... I search for one for I have none.
Today I will once again see someone somewhere shed tears,
And again it's my destiny to return nothing but a cold smile.
As I hold on to this fate that cannot be abandoned,
I am standing here right now....

(Translated version taken from animelyrics.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I liked the idea of the show. Though I do think the character designs were nice they got a bit dull given how a lot of the claymores looked very similar, so a little 'variety' would have been nice. Some of the fights were good. Raki's English voice kinda irritated me.

Currently reading the manga. I like Teresa, she's pretty awesome ^^ I think the manga is way more enjoyable than the manga. Raki grew up to be a bit of a badass.


Great concept, though some characters did annoy me a little. Wished the MC would be a bit more overpowered, too, but I suppose that's alright. Not the best thing I've seen, but certainly not the worst, either.

minayuri minayuri

This series was a pretty awesome anime and Clare was an amazing heroine with great vocal work by her seiyuu, Houko Kuwashima. The only thing I didn't like was Clare's companion Raki, he would've been less annoying if he were a female character I guess, but it would've added a cool shoujo-ai element to the series. Although many hate Priscilla for what she did to Clare's first companion Teresa, that event is essential to the plot of the story in Clare's conflict with Priscilla. It's a shame that there isn't a second season to this anime, it would be nice to see that happen. It's certainly much better than shitty harem ecchi anime the industry continues to shove down our throats.

renlilica renlilica

I thought the anime will be a waste of my time but it was really interesting, especially the part where they reminisce the past I love it.
The only thing stopping the anime from getting a perfect score is that the ending was a bummer.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

This is such a great manga so I was expecting a lot from the anime but I was disappointed. Although the anime follows the original story, halfway trough it they started changing it and the ending was so bad... I couldn't even get what was going on anymore. The OP was good, though. Raison d'Etre by Nightmare.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

Good art, great gore, interesting stories. Don't watch it if u dont like too much blood.
It's about some girls/women, who are half human n half youma (some kind of monster) destroying youmas in that world. Even though they help human to kill the monster, the human still fear them.

aureawolf aureawolf

First manga/anime where I do respect female characters. As for the manga, I have read it all so far and I absolutely love it! As for the anime, I was a little dissapointed with the few chapters and the exaggerated pathetic performance of Raki, but since I'm a feminism fan, I do enjoy the complex and dialectical relationships between the warriors: their solidarity, alterity, understanding and best of all, the fact that romantical love is NOT their ultimate goal.

Summer67 Summer67

Very Good: I really like the artistic way this series was done. Lots of action too!! As many things I liked about this series, at the same time, I didn't like other things. I wasn't a fan of the ending for one, and at times, I found the male lead to be a little wimpy. I had hoped for a little more growth a bit faster with him, instead of all the weight on Claire. Would I watch it again? Probably at some point.

Glukogen Glukogen

The story fascinated me pretty (although it should be noted that the characters are half-demon, half-vampire, half-gods and others half- are not new). I also liked the graphical elaboration of the characters - perhaps it is difficult - make a lot of dissimilar characters, but all of them women, in identical suits, with the same shape and same color eyes
The only thing - the story has remained unsaid, and narration cut off on the most interesting point (that's why I think I saw anime partially, but not completely)

singlemoon singlemoon
7.50 to say this. I know it's supposed to be different from manga, but yet, I couldn't tolerate the ending in the anime.
I watch the dubbed version and I'd say the voice actor give them all. The art are good, it looks exactly like in the manga.
Raki's character was changed in the anime and that's bothersome. It looks as if there'll be second season, but sources said there will be none.

aIshiRoi aIshiRoi

i really love this series! despite of the good-looking charac, the action, drama and slice for gore that isn't that unrated are totally mind-blowing! :3 although, the manga seems to have some a few twist.

IttyFox6 IttyFox6

Clare is such an awesome character! My only my only complaint (like most of my favorite animes) is that it ended too soon... I'd have LOVED too have seen more! 26 eps is not enough to fulfill my Claymore fix! XD;;

Nalataia Nalataia

Not a bad one, Claymore is a good example of an anime that drinks straight from manga... and it leads to its climax brilliantly. Maybe the

weakest point of the anime is the way it ends. In my opinion, i would like for Claymore to continue with the anime cause, by now, it is

getting more and more interesting.

The graphics where good enough and the OST was simply great, not a art of work but almost.

Even though it is a little bloody and, sometimes, it borders on gore, Claymore does not become tacky.

I really liked it when i saw it and due to the anime, i got hooked on manga.

ghost945 ghost945

there're lots of blood and fighting scenes involving violence. the ending is definitely abrupt as if they were suddenly notified to cut short story due to budget or low rating. characters fate and story plot falls into dragon ball type - repeatative.

Tina18 Tina18

Re-watched it several times, good story, good characters, great action, too bad almost everyone died.

Spoiler (show)

When Theresa died

I went nuts, she was my favorite, I was never more disappointed than at that moments, but I guess is was a big part of the story and things wouldn't be the same if she lived.

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