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Suu was considered the only "four-leaf clover", a designation that denoted how much power over reality she could wield. In order to protect her and the rest of the world, she was kept isolated in a beautiful cage, where all her desires were met by intricate machinery.
One day, she has a single wish: to visit a place called "Fairy Park." Special agent Kazuhiko is assigned as her bodyguard and guide. However, Suu's power is highly desirous to many people, and no sooner do they step out of her cage that they are attacked. Along the way to Fairy Park they meet a "three-leaf clover" and a "two-leaf clover" who help them as far as their power extends, and Kazuhiko learns of the connection between Suu and a "one-leaf clover" named Oruha, Kazuhiko's murdered lover.

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Danielly's Clover Manga Review

Rated: 10

well if you like sad stories with dramatic points
that makes you think about things like your feelings
clover is perfect for you...
i almost cried with this story...
i felt pleasure while reading it on the happy moments
and look carefully we also have black humor on it
*it's when Barus appears... he's insane...*
with cutie moments...
sad moments...
happy moments...
dramatic moments...
... and black humored moments...

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Member Opinions

kuryuki kuryuki

I don't quite get the storyline, but it is interesting.
The art is really elegant and beautiful.
and I have a feeling it's telling the story in a reversed chronological order.

The mechanical birds are really pretty *u*

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