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Steffi1690 Steffi1690

The guys are hot! Especially Toki! Ogami reminds me alot of Rin (Ao no Exorcist) ^^

But I thought that they would give Sakura more powers or more time to Punch some guys - but no! The only thing she is doing is spouting nonsense! (it's nerving!)

Aliceblond Aliceblond

Another ongoing of the fall-2012 season which I find interesting enough. Code: Breaker looks quite old-school to me and I really think that it is great. ^^ I was surprised to find that the manga which this anime is based on has started in 2008 and is still being published (if I am not mistaken). I had expected it to be a lot older. x)
I do not like music in Code: Breaker very much and graphics in this anime doesn't seem to be very impressive either. But the whole impression of the series is quite pleasant, the story is interesting and I like the characteres. They are believable, "alive", even if some of them are strange and/or funny.
That's why I've rated Code: Breaker a 9 score for now and I have some high expectations of it. I do not wish to rate this anime with a lower score some time later. ^^

Aiira Aiira

Nothing out of the ordinary. It's a good anime but not really to the point that will keep me in my toes. I plan to finish the anime and see what will happen and will then give my real opinion. So far I will give it 7/10.

stefnova stefnova

Empece viendo el anime pero luego decidi leer el manga, ya que lei en algunos foros que en la serie
le quitaban partes, y estoy absolutamente de acuerdo con ellos yo vi 3 capitulos de la serie y luego
decidi leer el manga y note muchas diferencias, por mencionar una, la presentacion de los
personajes fue muy diferente a la del manga; pero con esto no quiero decir que el anime no es de mi
agrado ya que ese "desorden" en la presentaciĆ³n de la historia no me parece del todo mala.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The action was good. Turned out a lot better than I expected, because I thought the end of the series might mess it up. I hope it gets a second season. It definitely has enough manga material to do it.


One word - LOVE. I totally adore this series. Love the characters, love the plot (the 'hidden' romance and the action), love everything in this series. I love how it's coming out weekly too. Desperately hope the mangaka's going to finish this series!! <3

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