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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Series

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Lelouch was a prince until the day his mother was murdered and his sister Nunnally was paralyzed and blinded. Now in high school he's bored with life, playing Chess with rich aristocrats to stave off boredom while caring for his little sister. Then one day he meets a mysterious woman named C.C. who offers him power. He accepts and with this power he calls Geass, he adorns a mask calling himself Zero. He then begins to gather warriors calling themselves the Black Knights. His ultimate goal to overthrow Britannia and recreate a perfect utopia where his sister can live a life of peace.

R2 is a direct sequel to the main series. Lelouch is back to his old ways of playing chess with aristocrats. His life and memories of being Zero suppressed. His sister Nunnally somehow replaced with a brother named Rolo. C.C. finds him a year later and is able to restore his memories and his power with it. Remembering who is really is, he's determined to get back to doing what he'd started a year ago as well as find out what happen to his sister!

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Yuri1313's Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Tv Review

Rated: 9

Code Geass is an anime that I recommend all the way. Anyone can get into it. It's very touching and remarkable. It's not my favorite anime, by far, but it's up there. Please watch.

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Member Opinions


It's 10-0.5 because of some hentai scenes in the anime..
Other than that I ADORE this anime! The story is epic.
I thought the anime is about Mecha, but I was completely wrong..
I highly recommend watching it!

Inuzuka72 Inuzuka72

A very good anime, and I seriously didn't the except the ending at all. Don't take this wrongly, I'm very satisfied with the ending, it's just... unexpected.

You need to watch from S1 to understand the story completely, else you won't feel it


This anime is very interesting, I love the robot fighting that is just so awesome. Haha I would have given this anime a 10 but Kallen and Lelouch never did go out so I will leave it at 9.75
The story was very compelling. It was complex with twists at every turn. You easily fall in love with the vast cast of characters. The ending really pulled on your heartstrings. Best anime of all time, hands down.


I really like this anime series. The story plot is just fine, it has mixed emotions. The animations and the background is also good. Although all of their body physique seems to be too thin and their faces are somehow distorted when side view, but I cannot blame it because it is its design. In overall it is awesome, I recommend this awesome anime to be watch. :D

Kalrathia Kalrathia

I think this is the best series I have ever seen. I love the animation, the soundtrack, those damn plot twist that made me mad... It's very well developed, and the season finale... The first season ended very, very bad... But the second one... I cry every time I watch that last chapter.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

The main stories is about war. Kinda complicated but we can understand them if we wacth all of the episodes. The conflict problem are good. The geass powers r interesting. Lelouch, the main character, is a smart teen. He can use his geass power rightfully to get his goal, even in such critical situation. He really loves his little sister. He is bad at sports but very intelligent. His best friend, Suzaku, is very different than him (good at sports but not as smart as him). C.C, the green haired girl, who gave Lelouch geass power is very mysterious at first. She is just like a heartless doll from outside, but not like that inside.
The animation is great. But the character designs (male and female) are too skinny in my eyes. But, it's from Clamp. I guess thats just their style.

renlilica renlilica

It's one cool anime initially it might seem boring but after one or two anime the thrill starts kicking in. The main characters are cool, Leouch he might seem harsh and cold to others but he'll do anything to make sure her sister nunally is safe, even becoming the villian of the world and there is C.C. she is just so irresistible, she damn hot. One of the best shojo ever.
Try this anime the ending will really move you.

Suzumiya-Boy Suzumiya-Boy

CODE GEASS was the first anime that really made ​​me feel I could love those characters from the TV series, that they had as it were "life itself" is a beautiful series, too shocking, since the graphics, through the soundtrack, even giving his story twists. In addition to this, Lelouch is very cool.
I have seen the two seasons for TV and picture drama included as extras on the Blu-ray.

elisadevelon elisadevelon

This was one of the best anime series I've ever seen. The story was well written and planned and the plot was really thrilling and full of unexpected twists. I liked the graphics too; it was definiely a good idea to ask CLAMP to design the characters. Their psychology was also well worked through. I didn't like the opening and ending themes very much but the rest of OST was pretty cool (especially the songs for the touching scenes). I must say I'm not very fond of mecha but the creators managed to mix it well with fantasy. Moreover, they were also able to balance all the action, humor and emotional scenes. The ending was quite sad and almost made me cry, which does not happen often. Yet, it was rather ambiguous as well so I still have some hope left that what happened in the end was not really the truth. After all, I guess the second series is not called 'R2' for nothing.

xangel0 xangel0

Seen both seasons, liked more season two, it has more action and things move on a bit faster. I like the artwork, tho there are sometimes where proportions are too off, too much skinny legs, huge long arms and such. As for the plot, it was good, fair enough to let me see it until it ends, tho is not the first time this story has been telled.

Aiira Aiira

The anime was good. It has good developments here and there but I find a lot of similarities with other Sunries animes and I feel like Code Geass was just a compilation of other Sunrise animes. Character developments is also sommething that should be noted for. What bugs is that is has too much similarities to Gundam SEED no offence, Code Geass was still a good anime but if the characters weren't too much alike to other animes then it would have been much better. There are some good twist to the anime also (like how the anime ended). Other than that I will probably set my eyes on watching the second season just for good measure.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Very cool plot and some very cool and unique characters. The manga and anime are like no other and can suck you in with just a couple of episodes or chapters and keep you in it until the very end.
The manga and anime differ from each other in several ways, but are both very enjoyable and intriguing.

MelgyArt MelgyArt

This is so cool... I really enjoyed watching it, even if I'm not a fan of Mecha. The Chess strategy was very interesting...The reflections about the science and the evolution, the technology and the progress and the reality about social class and discrimination require us to reflect a little more about the reality that is war and how present it is in our society.

Drakill Drakill

Really good series! Although I didn't really enjoy how it ended.

Spoiler (show)

I think they should have rather made Lelouch and his sister maybe fake their deaths and they could've moved away and lived in peace together

I would've given it a 10/10 if not for how it ended. But I recommend everyone to watch this anime.

KazablanKa KazablanKa

"Legendary"...what the first thing would come to your mind after hearing this word while talking about Code Geass?
a "Legendary" art,"Legendary" sentences,"Legendary" story,"Legendary" revolution,"Legendary" characters,"Legendary" voice acting,"Legendary" music,"Legendary" breath-taking moments or "Legendary" ending?
What ever your answer is then that means you admit it,well of Course;i mean who wouldn't.and i'm not talking from a"Fan-Girl" point view,in fact i don't like both Lelouch or Suzaku(of course i like others but...) so what i mean; i'm looking at this anime as a viewer knows that this anime really worth to be watched,and trust me you won't regret.
This is the kind of anime that won't even let you know the real face of a character till the very end,i actually don't even remeber that there were a character i looked at it the same way from the beginning till i maneged to finish it couple of hours ago,even though i tried my best to put my self to like Lulu but i couldn't,even though i respected him in the end!
So,yeah i really enjoyed watching this anime the much that i even forgot i'm watching one in lots of times,i forgot i'm only a viewer,in fact this anime isn't just an anime to please a"viewer" it goes what beyond this,it goes to the fact that this is what human being is,what the power does to you and when ever you try to tell your self your doing "this"for others or you'r "protecting"whom you love but you'r actually just following your selfish desires to control everything,to have the power not to be something but everything,and when ever you know you'r in the wrong place;it's just too late to return so you'd keep going,keep lain and hiding who you are,then you'd give away everything you care about and become a heartless machine.
This is what this "Anime" presents/about.
And you know,even though i'm sure that there are lots who Disagree with all what i said,and others would only"Watch a Good anime" but i also know that there are who found it like what i said and if you didn't then re-watch it because it does worth,it really does.