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Member Opinions

Cirru Cirru

This is an anime that surprises and delivers. It provides an interesting look into creating dojinshi and how to present it at Comiket. (hope to perhaps someday go to it) A lot of wild and zany things happen along the way, which is all in good fun and everyone is kept in check (so to speak). An enjoyable watch for a night in with someone who may not be as familiar with anime.

eXDream2K5 eXDream2K5

I don't usually like straight comedy, but this is great. It's easy to identify with if you or a close friend or significant other does doujinshi/fanart and sells in Artist Alley at cons, but it's thankfully got that comedic twist to keep it from getting too serious.


Having taken the time to rent the second disc I see that I was harsh in initially judging Comic Party against another very funny anime along the same theme.I am beginning to appreciate it for its own merits.It may not have tears of laughter flowing from my eyes as Genshiken did,but it's not Genshiken.It has its own personality and it's a good personality.

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