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shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

I have only watched the first two episodes, and I think I expected a little too much from it. The plot is unique, but it hasn't tugged on my heartstrings just YET. I think that's it's the usual "isolated situation" thingy. Anyhow, I will continue watching this and I hope to see the anime's progression. It has the potential, but the characters need more "meaning" and "development". Other than those, I find the ending song amazing.

Monu-chan Monu-chan

At first this anime needs Improvment and Character Development because it was just about 3 genetically modified girls who saves survivors of Tokyo and it doen't had a particular antagonist at all but after the entry of Haruto, romance also arrives and then after the arrival of Ozu shimai and 1st division role of villian also fulfilled.
But many things were undescribed like who throws that Yellow cake barrels and who attacked Coppelion when they are saving that old granny?
And what about haruto did he died?
but according to manga his DNA is incorporated with Hydra which means however severe wounds is on his body they regenerates again and again.But they show in anime like he was died.
I really wantts another season.
And I like both Opening and ending song

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Genetically altered girls sent in to investigate a post-apocalyptic world. Definitely had the potential to be really good. I like the OP and ED. The first four episodes it seems are just to give you the feel for the how truly isolated and messed up the area is that the girls are investigating, but unfortunately they kinda taper off into focusing on the cliche of two misguided Coppelion to carry the rest of the series. Which fell flat for me and was a boring use of a last arc.

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