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Eight years before the start of the story, the blind Canale was found wandering the streets of Preveza. He was rescued by the daughter of the chief clan, Ayfelia Farless, whom had also taken a liking to him. With nowhere to go, Canale stays in Preveza as their strategist and helps the pirate clan win many battles. However, one particular encounter begins to shed some light on Canale's dark past, which triggers the intervention of Ayace Malik, the famed "Demon Killer".

Followed by "Corsair ~Eigetsu~", which focuses on Yani Ibrahim and Sesaam Zaiyaun's life and relationship, from their time in school to shortly after Sesaam and Canale part ways.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Oh yeah, another yaoi story where the uke falls in love with the rapist seme. Joy. So why the hell did I rate this so highly?

Well, it's a fantasy story about pirates and family drama, with awesome art and a surprisingly complex background story. Most of the latter, of course, is Canale's past, which includes a lot of information about the social structure of the world this takes place in - more than you'd typically expect in a BL story, anyway. As for Ayace, the seme...meh, he's the "tall, dark and handsome (and assaulting)" type, and isn't developed much past that. The art is beautiful and the character designs are overall surprisingly varied; the artist paid attention to drawing even one-off characters differently from the rest, and it's always nice to be able to tell characters apart, lol.

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