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Rosegirl18's Count Cain Manga Review

Rated: 6

For the presentation of this manga, I owuld have to repeat what I've been saying for the whole review - the hiatus of Count Cain makes a huge effect on how successful it could of been. The plot gap expands for over a decade, and there are some important information in the original series that make the new series baffling and hard to grasp. The real and definite concept is never really clear, and although Godchild is throughly enjoyable and has a solid ending, it doesn't have a good start, nor much of a good backstory to most of the characters' actions.
Count Cain has good stories to tell, but endless problems surface before the real good parts of the manga, so the presentation, in this case, is conflict-ridden.

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Member Opinions

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

Kaori Yuki is an awesome author and artist <3 <3 I love most of the works and I loved this one too. when reading Count Cain and then go on to God Child, you realize how much she grew as an author and artist. The story got even better and so did the character designs. The characters are handsome and well defined. I love the victorian style of the characters. <3

ShannaxZala ShannaxZala

I love the Count Cain series. It's art is beautiful, and so are the characters. (Though it's one of those series where I hate all of the girls) It's one of the few mangas that I would KILL for to be turned into an anime. Although it's perfect as a manga, I think.
The first time I saw Godchild in the bookstore, I thought that I MUST own it. After purchasing the first three volumes at once and reading, I went one a journey of love and patience to finish it. I then thought I NEEDED to get the Count Cain part of the series.
Now I own the whole series. I am so happy, since it's a series I'll happily read over and over again~
My favourite thing about the series is Cain and Riffael's relationship (Shocker, I know) as well as the dark theme it has.
And between the beautiful men in the series my favourite is, of course, Cain~

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