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Kawaiiguy's Cutey Honey Tv Review

Rated: 8

Re:Cutie Honey was extremely enjoyable to watch. It was weird, funny, entertaining, and indecent all at the same time. The ecchiness wasn't wildly overdone like in some other series, but there is a decent amount of uncovered skin. It has a bit more than past Honey, though I wouldn't expect any less from Go Nagi. I loved the way the entire series worked together, story, music, and art. It certainly feels polished and well thought out. In addition to the new OVA, a live-action movie was also made. It features the same story line and comedic overtone. Most of the music was also the same.

If you're a fan of past Honey, you may not actually like the newest edition to the Honey legacy. It's far more light-hearted than the past versions and much more extreme.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I only care for the New Cutey Honey and the original 70's TV series, I don't care for Flash and Re:. What I love about the original is the nostalgia value as a great piece of old-school anime, despite the villain-of-the week plot that the original has, I can see where the actual plot is going as the Panther Claw organization is out to destroy Honey and those she's closest to. No matter how strong Honey is, the people around her get hurt or even killed (midway during the original, someone close to Honey gets killed) and Honey's battle against the Panther Claw is a hard one. The one thing about the original that disappointed me was the ending and the animation direction could've been more consistent. With New, I love the more mature aspect of it with the hard ecchi situations and violence and the OP theme of the first half of the OVA is badass, although I think the OP of the second half is skippable. Honey's bond with Chokkei is really sweet and endearing. It's a shame that NCH didn't have more episodes made.

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