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Jinnai's Cyber Team in Akihabara Tv Review

Rated: 6

About the time I was ready to give up, the fourth episode shuffled things up. The girls were suddenly manic talkers with some hysterical lines, and the show felt like a different screenwriter had gotten ahold of the script. Was this where we were going? I hoped so. Sadly, the fifth episode plodded along much like the first three, and I can't recommend a show based on one good episode and four crummy ones.

I could accept that CYBER TEAM had to fit itself into the standard "magical girl" formulas within its first two hours, but the show has serious flaws that cannot simply be attributed to genre expectations. First, these girls are idiots.

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Member Opinions

aureawolf aureawolf

Seriously? Is it possible to take this seriously? As far as I'm concern... no, it's not. The pets were cute, I'll give them that, but the rest is just lame: the clothing/armor/whateverthatis, the large butt and boobs (and the fewer ribs), the gratuitous secondary characters, the prince (I never got the actual relationship... It seemed to be that he was a bumper sticker that they had to put there without explanation). I liked the opening "Birth", though.

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