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SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

This show was one of my favorites growing up as a child. Unfortunately, it aired at such odd times that I never could stay up late to watch any of it. I finally got back into it when my sister did a couple of years ago. We pooled our money together and bought the Japanese box set. The show is about 52 episodes, and each box had like 4 discs in them. I do wish the english version wasn't screwed over like it was. I would've bought the english version in a heartbeat. This show is about this guy named Black Ghost who kidnapped all of these people and turned them into robots. Of course you don't get to see how these characters were turned into robots until the second season that I don't think was released in the U.S. Watching it again I released how the show really wasn't for kids. Sure there's not a lot of blood or too much violence, but there are themes that I can't imagine a child understanding. That's probably one reason why this show flopped so bad, because they treated it like a kids show. These characters had layers that I never got to see growing up, so watching it again was a really great experience. If you're like me who has seen this show as a kid, try finding it online and watch it again. These characters are so special, so it's sad that you'll never get to know them if you don't watch the entire season.

xNotUnderstood xNotUnderstood

This series took me by surprise. I thought it was going to be a lame robot series, well i was wrong.
I love this action packed anime. its got a lot of fights, comedy, tragedy, and sadness. This series is very interesting, all the different arks and how the characters develop.
The characters pasts are so different and sad, but its really great that you get to learn how they became Cyborgs.

How this series ended is very sad!! i cant believe they "killed" 002 and 009, me and my sister were on the brink of tears

angelxxuan angelxxuan

got addicted by the ending theme song >.> it's weird but when I want to watch something I always start with everything of the anime. the music tends to be only a small fraction but I know if I don't like that, chances are it seriously isn't going to get any better anime wise. but this one went rather well. cyborgs that saved the world, fought and loved

riho88riho riho88riho

I don't really know what it is about the series by this group/artist/person but I find myself drawn to them. This series would be totally amazing if they'd added a little more romance to it, but *shrug* my favorite English voice actor does the main guy, so that also sways me a bit.

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