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On Daisuke Niwa's Fourteenth birthday, he decides to confront his crush, Risa Harada, with a love letter, although backing away from doing so at the very last moment. Daisuke become depressed when Risa told him that she always treated him as a friend. Since being young enough to train, Daisuke has been training and practicing under his grandfather's observation although he not knowing himself what it was for.

Later that day, Daisuke remembers that his mother had asked him to return early. When he got home, he found that Wiz had unwrapped his portrait of Risa. Daisuke starts to imagine how Risa would react if she accepted his feelings, suddenly his body began to undergoes a strange mutation; that transforms him into Dark Mousy, the legendary Phantom Thief, who's mission is to steal precious arts. For generations, all male descendants of the Niwa family has been possessed by Dark's spirit, gaining Dark's appearance and magical abilities, the transformation occurs every time when the host thinks of romantic feelings for their true love.

Daisuke must now fight his feelings for the one he truly loves while also being confronted by the terrible dangers of being the new host of Dark. Also, at the same time of keeping his mind appon these current complications, he is also being hunted down by his very own classmate, Satoshi Hiwatari, who vows to capture Dark and lock him up for his sins. Little did Daisuke knows that Satoshi also carries a family curse similar his own...

This adventure runs across in what seems like a European type city, where action takes place with each corner you turn.

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NovaProspekt's D.N.Angel Tv Review

Rated: 9

Every element in this series is well planned, and executed wonderfully. From the setting to the character designs, animation, the sound and music, and most importantly, the story; they all mix together to create a sweet anime about love and growing up.. and a winged thief. Such is anime. There isn't much to put here that I haven't said already. I recommend this to anyone who is up for a love-ly story.

For some reason, this is rated "TVPG." The young viewers might not get the story, so they'd be disinterested. But anyone 13 and up wouldn't have a problem with the content in this anime. The only violence in the series are a few brief fights between Dark and his rival Krad, which involves them shooting feathers at each other. There isn't even a drop of blood that I can remember.

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Member Opinions

banraider banraider

I saw this anime along time ago ,but still, this anime has it's style, Dark is very awesome, and what most interest me in the anime is the story of every painting and masterpiece, specially "Ice and Dark" story, it was very great, I love the OP theme song, It's awesome, also the ending of the anime was great although I was sad because dark is gone, " the anime remind me of Yu Gi Oh".

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

hmm, first i didn't saw the anime because of the drawing, may be i will like it more if it was repeated with a beautiful drawing, but it also nice, my sister told me to watch it, the story all and specially the last seven episodes is great, this is the first time that i liked a magical story, it remind me a bit of (earl and fairy), i love Dark, he is an awesome character!! and i hate the two ugly sisters, Risa and riko, they ruin the show, the events is wonderful, the music is amazing, i like the theme song, Byakuya true Light.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

The manga is far better than the anime! Seriously. I scored the manga: 9, while the anime: 6.
The stories are kinda different too. In anime version, its much more simple. For example: Freedret case story.
D.N.Angel is about a teen who will change into another person because of his special bloodline. N that another person is the Legendary Thief, Dark. Their personalities are very opposites. While Daisuke is a nice n 'normal', Dark is very confident n women-lover (playboy). Its hillarious when Daisuke change into Dark in the wrong place (such as school) everytime he see his crush (one of Harada Twin). But so far he always success to run away before anyone see him.
His classmates, Hiwatari, has the same problem as Daisuke. He can change into other person too. But he is a police. So its his duty to captured Dark. He like Daisuke, but hates Dark.
There are some shounen ai hints on this anime! X3


DNAngel is a simple and fantastic serie. It´s an ongoing manga that i recomend! The story goes around Daisuke Newa a shy and clumsy boy but brave and unpredictable, that has inside of him Dark the famous phantom thief. Dark and Daisuke have a mind of their own they just share the same body. And at the same time he tries to have a normal schoollife.
My fav characters are the Harada twin sisters that go thow a complicated and often hilariouse love rectangel with Daisuke and Dark.
This anime means alot to me beacuse it was THE VERY FIRST ANIME THAT I EVER SAW IN MY HOLE LIFE! And thanks to it i developed my passion for animes. I hope you see it and enjoy it :)


Only seen a few but i love the series just the same my fav song is the theme for D.N.Angel (White Night True Light) so i'm super happy about it :3 Suspense already builds withing first 2 or 3 eps X3 lol

bafyte bafyte

Fun and fantasic. I liked this story about demons and super powers. The first episode I think was the best. That surprise at the end really pulled me into the anime and I swear I think it was worth watching it. One of my favs for sure :D

evelluchia evelluchia

i found it had a nice story altho it was a bit childish but it still was interisting to watch ^-^ the art quality was very good ^-^ and the sound quality was nice and clear (could have used a bit better of music though) but overall enjoyable ^-^

Summer67 Summer67

Excellent: I really love the animation and facial expressions in this series. Great action and wonderful humor :D
One of my earlier series that I watched and was getting into anime. At this time I was trying to get my hands on just about anything that was anime related lol

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

Little different from the manga but very good! It was one of the first series I watched and I was hooked. I guess what makes it different is that it's about angels stealing stuff? I dunno, it seemed like it took all these different concepts we've seen before (light vs. dark, the bad guy being the good guy, love triangles) and mashed them all together to make a really unique storyline. The eng dub actually wasn't that good, but probably because it had vic mignogna in it, and he's a great voice actor.

riho88riho riho88riho

Manga > Anime [Rating is for Manga]
good story/plot with nice character developments
story kind of sucks, deviates from manga too much (in a bad way) and English voices suck to high heaven

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

I love the art of this author. The characters are so handsome ^//^ This is one of the first manga's i read and owned. I was scared to watch the anime at first because it seemed to be very different from the manga. I got the anime anyways as a fan of the manga and did enjoy watching it but not as much as reading it. The concept in both were the same but some details were different. I love the characters so I watched and finished the anime. ^^ <3

ChiyukiHiro ChiyukiHiro

This is a love all the way! I really love the artwork & pretty much praise Sugisaki! I just wish it (the anime) was more like the manga. I have manga volumes 1-13 and waiting for the rest of the series to come out. I also cosplay Daisuke & am making wingsfor my cosplay.

sammyui sammyui

Many anime are based on manga and are usually a mixed bag as far as remaining faithful. However, there are cases like D.N.Angel that take the foundation of an original manga series and turn it into something entirely different. In this case, the results are interesting but nothing worthwhile.
The first half of D.N.Angel is merely good for introductions of characters but nothing else. No great amount of character background is revealed, and there are multiple episodes that are self-contained and could be mixed around without harming the flow at all. In short, it is mostly unentertaining filler and nothing more; most episodes are "Crime of the Week" or Daisuke loitering around school. The building blocks for a plot are in place but are not acted on. However, the introduction of Hio Mio and the second half of the series turns everything around completely. Instead of the usual impotent characters and nonexistent storyline, everything is finally kicked into full gear, and things begin to actually happen. Where it was impossible to actually place this series into any specific genre with the first half, the second half makes it known loud and clear that it is focused on action and romance. A plot surrounding Dark and Krad begins to develop, and information comes out about characters like water from a fountain. So that only took thirteen episodes to get to. It could have been worse.


One of my favorite series. :)
I like the storyline, everything is unpredictable. And, Dark is deadly, sexy and gorgeous! <3
I didn't like how he vanished on the world in the ending though-- Sad. D;
The characters are few, unlike other supernatural series, which is a good thing, I think.
Like Special A, I'll check the manga too.


This is about a love stuck kid named Niwa. Well basically his life is turned around and flipped upside down. He is also the legendary phantom thief Dark(Niwa transforms in to Dark). Can he deal with this double life while trying to love when its his love that changes him to this Phantom Thief? The only way you'll find out is by watching it yourself.

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