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Z827's Dance in the Vampire Bund Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Dance in the Vampire Bund :

Well , all in all , this is certainly a unique formula of romance. Perhaps not the darkest one yet ( Hey , there ARE twisted Romance Animes out there you know? ) but definitely not the lightest. The dark atmosphere is almost unbearable :O
*ahem* Anyway , this Anime is quite loyal to the Manga , though with quite a bit of differences.
During one part of the storyline , my jaw dropped when one of the characters ( masked ) have a feminine figure when it's a masculine one in the Manga. ( In fact , I paused , rubbed my eyes , went to the toilet and washed my face and stared very hard at the curve on "his" chest. Hmm...

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Member Opinions

pikachu36 pikachu36

This anime wasn't too bad, but i'm not too sure what to think of it. The story was too short so I feel as if a lot of the information about the back plot was rushed to meet the demand kind of thing. besides that I liked it.

LenoreDiKaat LenoreDiKaat

I found the whole relationship between Mina and Akira rather... strange, and not in a good way. Also, for a protagonist who's supposedly the heiress of Vlad Tepes, Mina lacks too much personality (she's more like a spoiled brat). I dropped this one because after the first 5 episodes I didn't really feel like keep watching. Maybe I'll give it another chance in the future.

AskaSun AskaSun

Love vampires and the story was very interesting however there really should've been more romance as it lacked abit. This story was also left incomplete and hopefully there will be season 2 to sum up the concept.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

A poor work that failed in involving me much, although the idea was interesting: what would happen if vampires decide to come out of hiding and live among men? First, I don't like the heroine Mina, that despite the temper doesn't manage in being incisive, then the story has some unclear points, other foreseen, sometimes seems forced. Apart from Mina the other characters are not well characterized, including Akira, one of the main.

MINA TEPES: "I control every corner of the dark night and even death avoids crossing my path… all for what? What I wanted was something much… much more simple."

aureawolf aureawolf

Meh... I'm sure that half of the ideas for the character and look of Akira was a shameless rip off of good ol' Akira Inugami from Wolf Guy (whom was also a were-wolf and wore kinda the same jacket!), released in 2007.

chiara chiara

I was very excited to hear it became an anime but it did not live up to my expectations in comparison to the manga (to my taste, the plot changes prevented me from seeing my favorite scenes animated). I also didn't like very much to see a person who doesn't exist in the manga. But yet the story itself (without knowing the manga) is appealing, if you don't mind a few hundred-year-old Vampire Queen in a children body (which I certainly don't), who doesn't mind nudity. Personally, I find the first episode to introduce humanity to the existence of Vampires quite hilarious but could give off a false impression of the whole series. Although in the end, I came to like it.

Rufusek Rufusek

Vampires do exist in our world but staying away from peoples eyes and only living in shadows of history. The story centers around the Werewolf which is the guardian of vampire queen. Lately in became possible for vampires to live without killing people because of "Stigma" and the vampire queen made her move to create her kingdom as rightous ruler of vampires. On the way she faces quite a number of problems to form her kingdom as well as obstacles in her personal life.. here I mean seducing Akira (poor guy always get on bad sides)
Akira on the other hand got amnesia from certain incident and didn't even know who he is, so he doubts the intend of Mina Tepes as well as whether vampires bund will make good or rather make the world worse. He fights despite his doubts for Mina as well tries to protect his school friends.
The story is solid and the graphics are great, this is a worthy addition to the shelf of vampire stories

tishdon tishdon

The producers of the anime did an amazing job keeping the story true to the manga while somehow avoiding the nudity, gore, violence, drug use and practically any other objectionable material. Well worth watching for that feat alone!

mishia mishia
7.00 complaints are that its got lots of cliche plot ideas in it and was greatly disappointing to what I was expecting in the beginning. Still, it manages to suck me in pretty well and usually doesn't leave room for dull moments, at least with the latest episodes. I think it still has enough room to improve itself before the series ends. Otherwise, I can at least enjoy Shaft's animation style tricks.

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